In 2002 multimedia installation artist Panya Clark Espinal was commissioned by the Toronto Transit Commission to create to a public art installation in the Bayview/Sheppard subway station in Toronto, Canada.

Entitled From Here Right Now, Panya’s playful and interactive installation comprises 24 awesome large-scale anamorphic images depicting everyday objects (such as a set of stairs, a stopwatch, and a ladder) which have been cleverly integrated into the architecture of the station itself.

Until they’re viewed from the right direction, each piece appears to be made of simple geometric shapes. But viewed from the right spot, each piece appears to rise up out of the floor and away from the walls and to become a wonderfully convincing 3D optical illusion.

Visit Panya Clark Espinal’s website to view all 24 pieces.

[via The Illusionist and Geekosystem]

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