British artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey use grass to create awesome installations that are living, breathing works of art. Since starting in 1990, they’ve mastered the art of making grass grow on the surfaces of everything from towering buildings and pieces of furniture to articles of clothing.

"They started by seeding the walls of a rustic cabin of a hilltop medieval village in Northern Italy (The Other Side project). After figuring out how to grow grass vertically up the walls of a room, then moved on larger canvases… They decided to “grassify” the walls of a cathedral - the Dilston Grove church in London.

Next was the grass layer around complete exterior structure of a mausoleum in the Grand City Cemetery, in Riga, Latvia.”

These beautiful installations, while temporary, are nothing short of extraordinary. Walking through one of those vivid green structures pictured above must like walking through another person’s dream.

Visit Dark Roasted Blend to check out more of Heather and Dan’s remarkable verdant creations.

Photos via Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey.

[via Neatorama and Dark Roasted Blend]