Russian artist Aleksandr Mushkin custom-made this awesome Hippopotamus Safe using wood and a variety of beautiful brass instruments and objects.

"This one demanded not just an art idea but also really a lot of inventiveness - I had to invent a conundrum-lock. And not the only one. I wanted to create something bitween [sic] the safe from the Gringotts Bank, steam-engine and military gear. I used antique opera binoculars, the napkin holder, casings from anti-tank weapons Oerlikon, furniture handles, pendulums of clocks, the clarinet, gears, neodymium magnets and printing proofs (19th century).”

This exquisite hippo sculpture actually features two small safes, one in the side and one in the rump.

Visit Aleksandr’s deviantART gallery to view more photos of his intricate Hippopotamus Safe as well as other clever creations.

[via Neatorama]