The city of Warsaw, Poland recently received an awesome visitor in the form of a gigantic plush teddy bear. This cheerful artistic intervention, entitled The Cuddly, is the work of Iza Rutkowska of Poland’s Forms and Shapes Foundation.

Warsaw is a city full of solemn monuments commemorating wartime experiences or social and political issues. Iza conceived the idea for this project when considering how the city’s numerous stone monuments blend so well into their surroundings that they are all but forgotten by the city’s inhabitants.

Rutkowska’s enormous teddy bear is placed in different parts of the city, including beaches, parks, and plazas. In each location passersby are invited to interact with the bear. Some climb on him, some hug him, some lounge on his belly to enjoy the sunshine along with The Cuddly's comfy company. He is Warsaw's answer to My Neighbor Totoro.

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