Japanese street artist Jun Kitagawa uses zippers, both painted and sculpted, to playfully suggest the idea that our surroundings are merely a surface layer that can be peeled back so we may explore whatever lies beneath.

Johnny Strategy writes:

"One of his most fascinating works are an ongoing series in which he installs 3-dimensional zippers in various public spaces around Japan, offering an intimate look – one that’s often left up to the imagination – into our world. “I like to surprise people with a light eroticism,”* explains Kitagawa in a statement."

So what do you think, if you happened upon a giant zipper on a wall, street, or even a lake, would you go head and unzip it? You never know what sorts of awesomeness might be on the other side.

Click here to learn more about the artwork of Jun Kitagawa.

[via Neatorama]