When students showed up to class last week at North Harringay primary school in Greater London, England they received a truly awesome surprise. A small red UFO had crashed into the tarmac of their playground.

A forensic officer was spotted inspecting the UFO while police closely guarded the scene, which was roped off while investigations took place.

The whole event was just the inspiration pupils needed for a creative writing day at the school, and was orchestrated by Emma Hassan, its literacy leader, with the help of one very creative parent and a local PC [police constable].

She said: “A very talented parent built the space craft in a limited amount of time and kindly dressed as a forensic detective to help with the staging of the crash. PC Glyn Kelly also agreed to attend the scene to add to the mystery of the crash.”

This marvelous stunt was undertaken simply to fire up the kids’ imaginations and get them writing. It looks like we’ve just discovered a brand new department at Geyser of Awesome headquarters: the Department of Awesome Educators.

[via Neatorama]