What could possibly be better than a life-size unicorn? How about a life-size unicorn made of cake? Yep, that’s pretty freaking awesome. But wait, there’s more, and it’s a dream come true:

Sometimes we like to imagine what the world would taste like if it were made of sweets. Miss Cakehead (previously featured here) and her team of phenomenal food artists recently created a completely edible landscape - a pop-up magical meadow - in London’s Kingly Court. On October 11th and 12th visitors were able to, “dip frog-shaped cookies into a milk fountain; harvest meringue mushrooms; break honeycomb pieces from a bee hive; catch pastry butterflies and even pull hyper realistic looking carrot cakes from chocolate cookie earth.” We can’t help but think that Willy Wonka would’ve been proud.

Created by the Tattooed Bakers, the stunning unicorn centerpiece (as you might have hoped) was made of rainbow cake. Its horn and hooves were covered in edible gold leaf.

This edible eden was called Baketopia and it was created to launch the UK’s National Baking Week, October 14th - 20th. Featuring over 3000 portions of baked goods, we’re pleased to report that every last magical morsel was gleefully eaten.

Click here to learn more about Baketopia.

[via Cakehead Loves]