Tunafish may come in small cans, but the fish themselves are quite large. These tuna eyeballs help convey that fact. If you ever go shopping at a Japanese grocery store, you might encounter packages containing great big eyes staring right back at you.

Jesse of Flee Alaska, on a personal quest to try any and all unusual foodstuffs, documented his own experience with these massive fishy peepers. Here’s an excerpt:

"I was at the grocery store and I got the urge to eat something new. I looked around and I didn’t really see much until I found a food that could look back. It was only a hundred yen, which is less than a buck, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. It had a sticker on it that said that it should be cooked, but I didn’t really know how to cook it. I tried to find stuff online, but there aren’t a lot of English webpages devoted to eating fish eyes, so I just decided to boil it.

I didn’t use any flavoring so it just ended up smelling horribly fishy. There was a translucent, jelly-like ball inside that turned into a hard, white ball. It tasted a little like a hard-boiled egg does, so I’m guessing that it was mostly protein. It actually didn’t taste too bad.”

Visit Flee Alaska for more photos and Jesse’s complete description of his peculiar piscine feast.

[via io9, Tacky Raccoon, and Flee Alaska]