For an ongoing series of portraits entitled Just the Two of Us, Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler visited the homes of Austrian cosplayers and photographed them wearing their awesome costumes against the backdrop of their personal homes.

Klaus describes his project:

"Who hasn’t had the desire just to be someone else for awhile? Dressing up is a way of creating an alter ego and a second skin which one’s behaviour can be adjusted to. Regardless of the motivating factors which cause somebody to acquire a costume, the main principle remains the same: the civilian steps behind the mask and turns into somebody else.

For this photo series I visited owners of elaborate costumes in their own homes. As a matter of fact, ’Just the Two of Us’ deals with both: the costumes and the people behind them.

The homes of these cosplayers vary from photo to photo as much as their costumes. The juxtaposition of fantastic costumes and (relatively) ordinary domestic settings is mysterious and wonderful. We were especially delighted to discover one of his subjects wearing our Magical Unicorn Mask.

Visit Colossal and Klaus Pichler’s website to view the rest of this project.