If life is about making the most of each moment - living as though each day might be your last - then it makes perfect sense that if you’re only allowed one free pass at the salad bar, you might as well make a glorious tower of salad instead of simply filling your bowl.

These awesome salad towers are a Chinese phenomenon that took place at Pizza Huts around the country. Hungry patrons who were only allowed one visit to the salad bar began to pile up their food to make the most of their single serving. Eventually those piles became ever more elaborately constructed towers crafted by self-proclaimed “Salad Engineers” who would then post photos of their awesome edible structures online.

"According to most of them, the trick is to build a stable and straight base and cover it with carrot sticks glued together with salad dressing so that it can hold the actual salad “structure”. All kinds of goodies can go on top – melon slices, peaches, cucumbers, croutons, oranges etc., depending on preference. These must be placed in such a way that the pieces interlock and create a mesh. The entire thing can be topped with a bit of salad dressing and smaller foods for decorative purposes."

They even shared How-To videos.

Alas, the Age of Salad Towers was too glorious (and perhaps too wasteful) to last forever. Pizza Hut began to remove their salad bars and the fad began to pass into history. Fortunately the towers live on thanks to all the photos now circulating on the interweb.

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