Italian artist Luigi Prina is a retired architect who has spent the last 20 years designing and hand-constructing incredibly beautiful flying ships. Luigi has now created over 200 flying ships, which hang from the ceiling of his studio, turning it into an extraordinary space.

But these exquisite ships don’t need to hang from a ceiling in order to look like they’re flying. Perhaps the most amazing part of this tale is that Luigi’s delicate flying ships can really fly:

"The designs are made out of very thin paper and balsa wood and the propeller is powered by an elastic band that carries the extremely light vehicles—weighing no more than 2 ounces—through the air. Prina is passionate about aviation and literature and combines those two interests into telling beautiful stories with his winged bicycles and boats."

Click here to watch a short video about Luigi and his artwork.

Visit Luigi Prina’s website to view more of his beautiful handmade flying ships.

[via My Modern Metropolis]