Sadie Campbell is an English sculptor from Dereham, Norfolk who creates awesomely adorable miniature animal sculptures, some of which aren’t much larger than a single grain of rice. That is some seriously wee art.

Using a mixture of clay and Plasticine and tools such as tweezers and a magnifying glass, Sadie has been creating her itty-bitty creatures for the past 19 years. It takes her up to two weeks (And lots of patience) to carefully mould each figure. Each piece is so small and detailed that she has to hold her breath to keep her hands steady during crucial moulding and decorating stages.

Ms Campbell said: ‘One of the hardest parts of my job is trying not to sneeze because if you sneeze everything is just gone. The material you are working with is so delicate. I did some tiny spiders once and I had a stray thread on my jumper which managed to brush them all over the floor.

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