Krampus season is coming! ‘Tis nearly the season for roaming the streets dressed as ferocious, hairy, horned, snarling, tongue-waggling beasts in order to frighten all the naughty little children into behaving themselves. So grab that awesome Krampus costume from your costume closet and get yourself down to Los Angeles for the first annual Krampusfest. The 2013 Krampusfest festivities start on December 5th continue through December 21st.

"Conceived by the Cacophony Society, the festival features a public Krampus Run, the Krampus Ball, art exhibitions, and the Krampus Rumpus, with other events being added as they are organized. Many events will feature the Krampus LA Troupe in their elaborate costumes. Participants are also encouraged to dress as Krampus for the events.”

If you haven’t got a Krampus costume, you can always order one of our limited edition 2013 Krampus Sweaters and proudly cheer on the Krampusse from a safe distance. (Those chains and birch branches really smart.)

[via Neatorama and Krampusfest]