The Richards Family in Canberra, Australia used 502,165 Christmas lights to transform their home into an awesome holiday light show and reclaim the Guinness World Record for the most lights on a residential property. They do this not just to create a fantastic spectacle for their friends and neighbours, but also to raise money for the charity SIDS and Kids.

Back in 2011 they set the record using 331,038 lights. In 2012 a family in New York beat them using 346,283 lights. This year the family was so intent upon winning back the record that they strung over half a million lights along 31 miles of wire. They also installed light-up reindeer and a sound system.

“With over half a million lights on our house, breaking the current record by over 150,000, I hope we’ll hold the record for longer than we did last time and raise even more money for SIDS and Kids. On the downside, my neighbours will think I’m just a tiny bit crazier,” said David Richards.

The extravagant display is synchronized to music and includes more than 50km of LED string lights, 520 Lightorama channels controlling a 50-meter multi-colored canopy, and an 18-meter light-controlled tree. The lights are powered by ActewAGL’s Greenchoice renewable energy, as part of the family’s efforts to be eco-friendly.

Click here for a video tour of the Richards’ dazzling holiday home light show.

[via Design Taxi]