Baltimore-based interventionist public artist Graham Corell-Allen recently completed an awesome series of crosswalk makeovers that turned unremarkable zebra crossings into delightful hopscotch courses. Entitled Hopscotch Crosswalk Colossus, this is one of four projects underway to transform crosswalks in downtown Baltimore into whimsical works of interactive art.

From the artist’s website:

"The Monumental City is played by giants among many – the business person, the bird, the worker and you. Hopscotch Crosswalk Colossus is an intersection of four over-sized hopscotch-court-crosswalks, each featuring a quintessential Baltimore path-print. Featuring the shoe, the bird track, the boot and the footprint, the project is a monument to the people who populate the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District and make Baltimore The Greatest City in America."

[via My Modern Metropolis]