The 2013 Krampusfest (previously featured here) is currently underway in Los Angeles and our friend Rusty Blazenhoff (of Blazenfluff) just attended the first Krampuslauf ever conducted in the Western United States. A Krampuslauf is a public run (or walk) of celebrants dressed up as the dreaded Krampus:

It is customary to offer a Krampus schnapps, a strong distilled fruit brandy. These runs may include perchten, similarly wild pagan spirits of Germanic folklore and sometimes female in representation, although the perchten are properly associated with the period between Winter Solstice and 6 January.

The event was organized by Krampus Los Angeles and took place during L.A.’s monthly Downtown Art Walk. For those of us who couldn’t attend, Rusty’s photos make it clear that the Krampuslauf was all sorts of fearsome holiday fun:

"The costumes were over-the-top fantastic and the vibe was great. The parade of St. Nicholas leading “horned and furry yuletide” devils was well-received by onlookers and fun was had by all."

Photos by Rusty Blazenhoff, click here to see the entire gallery.

[via Blazenfluff]