Behold the awesomeness that is a functioning hot rod made almost entirely out of LEGO pieces, over 500,000 of them. It’s called the #SuperAwesomeMicroProject and it was built by 20-year-old Romanian Raul Oaida after he successfully obtained funding for his ambitious project by starting with a single tweet.

"The guys used more than 500,000 Legos, along with a set of tires, some load-bearing bits, and gauges, to build the suitably named Super Awesome Micro Project. Powering this yellow beast are a four orbital engines with a total of 256 pistons — all made with Legos — driven by compressed air. They can get the hot rod up to 18 mph. It could go faster, but “We were scared of a Lego explosion so we drove it slowly,” said Sammartino.”

Click here to watch the #SuperAwesomeMicroProject in action.

[via Wired and Geekologie]