Perhaps the only thing better than a humongous burrito is a humongous burrito that’s actually a delicious cake. This awesome burrito cake was created by Elizabeth Marek of the Artisan Cake Company in Beaverton, OR.

Big enough to feed about 20 people, Elizabeth’s Realistic Burrito Cake is made of chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse filling wrapped in a tortilla made of fondant. The scorch marks on the tortilla were created using a crème brûlée torch and make the edible illusion even more convincing. The guacamole and sour cream are both buttercream. With the exception of the aluminum foil, all of the tasty details (including the napkin) were made using fondant.

Visit the Artisan Cake Company on Facebook to check out more of Elizabeth’s amazing sculpted cakes.

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]

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