American artist and puppeteer Bryan Van Horn created this awesome Puppet Cthulhu marionette. The satin-strung Great Old One was carved from basswood and poplar. His head and torso are hollow and the head contains a battery for red LED eyes. The wings are made of pigskin and strung for menacing flapping motion. The tentacles were strung using monofilament attached to a mobile-like apparatus, which means that they whip around randomly in response to movement made by the rest of the puppet. He also glows in the dark.

Puppet Cthulhu is Bryan’s first completed creation for a larger project currently called “Professor C’thulhu’s Old Tyme Theatre.”

"Think slightly twisted Victorian Marionette Theater. A little music from the netherworld, some dancing, some comedy, some tragedy. Lots and lots of tragedy."

We think that sounds pretty freaking awesome and we’ll be keeping an eye on Bryan Van Horn’s DeviantArt page for further developments.

Cthulhu fhtagn.

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