It’s been too long since we last checked in on a certain Japanese art student named Hikaru Cho (previously featured here) and her awesomely unsettling painting skills. As you may recall, she primarily uses acrylic paints to give herself and others fantastic (and sometimes fantastically horrifying) physical attributes such as buttons, laces, zippers, extra eyes or mouths, plug sockets and more.

Today we discovered that, in addition to creating ever-more convincing physical illusions, Cho has broadened her amazing skills to transforming pieces of food into very convincing likenesses of exactly the sorts of food they are not. Is that a tiny eggplant? Nope. It’s an egg. And that cute little orange is really a tomato. We love it.

In Cho’s wickedly skilled hands, nothing is what it seems and we aren’t even sure we’re awake.

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[via Beautiful/Decay]