Just a week after discovering bowls of soup containing awesomely cute capybaras made of grated daikon radish or daikon oroshi, we’ve learned that grated radish is used (in Japan, of course) to create all sorts of other adorable characters happy to bask among the noodles and veg in steaming bowls of soup. It’s called Daikon Art and it’s often found in delicious hotpot dishes known as nabe:

"With different flavours depending on the type of stock used, common ingredients include cabbage, tofu, mushrooms and leeks. Another popular hotpot dish involves layers of cabbage and bacon which fit perfectly in the pot and look surprisingly beautiful in their uniformity."

Daikon sculptures are made in the shape just about any animal you can think of (because what meal couldn’t benefit from the inclusion of a little llama mascot?) as well as pop culture-related characters like Totoro or Snoopy. The white molded radish sculptures are enhanced by additions such as nori (edible seaweed), soy sauce and food colouring.

Head over to RocketNews24 for many more examples of completely kawaii Daikon Art.

[via RocketNews24 and Design Taxi]