Jonathan M. Guberman lives in Toronto, Canada where he works as a computer programmer and bioinformatician and spends his free time designing and making things. Shortly before the birth of his son, Jonathan started working on an awesomely geeky set of Alphabet Blocks featuring things that both he and his wife looked forward to sharing with their child. The complete set of 1.5” laser-engraved wooden blocks were finished shortly before his new son’s first birthday.

"There are 36 blocks — the English alphabet and ten digits — showing 134 images of people, animals, monsters, robots, vehicles, organizations, devices, tools, and objects from some of our favourite movies, TV shows, books, comics, video games, poems, and sculptures, as well as a few from the real world for good measure (and a couple not-so-favourites for comic relief/alphabetical exigency; I’m looking at you, Zardoz). The only real rule I followed in choosing subjects was trying to maintain an even gender balance.”

Click here to view the entire set. A complete list of all of the images on the blocks can be found here.

Visit Jonathan’s Up, not North blog to learn more about his Alphabet Blocks project.

[via Laughing Squid]