For an awesome traveling, interactive art installation entitled Sugar Metropolis, professional sculptors Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels set up mountains of sugar cubes and invite visitors to use every last one of them to construct sweet crystalline cities. Visitors are free to work independently or collaborate with each other. They have over 500,000 sugar cube to work with and the results of their efforts are always unique.

Brendan and Mark are currently using a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to take their community art project to the Sugar Hill district of Harlem:

"The plan is to create the exhibit on the ground floor of a new Broadway Housing development which includes a children’s museum, a childcare center, a roof-top garden, and new affordable apartments (targeting low-income or special-needs residents). Across four weeks, anyone in the community will be welcomed in to share in the imaginative process and symbolically build upon a positive future within the community."

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