We first dipped our toes into the world of creative dog grooming last summer. Now, thanks to New Zealand born, New York-based photographer Paul Nathan, we get to share another amazing glimpse of this strange and spectacularly colorful class of competitive dog grooming.

After traveling to numerous high-profile competitions, Nathan published a book entitled Groomed [Buy on Amazon], which explores the art of dog grooming. These are photos of contenders in the ‘Creative’ category at last year’s Intergroom, the world’s largest conference devoted to dog and cat grooming. Over 2000 dog and cat groomers attend each year.

The photographer explains in an interview with Feature Shoot that the priority is to make sure the dogs are comfortable. “In most cases the colors are done in stages on different days, usually in sessions of no more than three hours with plenty of breaks for the animal.” He states, later adding, “There is a vast variety of hair coloring products for dogs. They are all non-toxic and semi-permanent. Depending on the kind of coat the dog has it can last from a few washes to a few months.

Head over to Feature Shoot to read the complete interview.

[via Beautiful/Decay]