Today’s peek into the Archie McPhee Library is Hey Skinny! Great Advertisements from the Gold Age of Comic Books [Buy on Amazon] by Miles Beller and Jerry Leibowitz. Back in 1995, when this was published, it was a much more essential purchase than it is now. Other than an introduction, this is just page after page of eye-popping old advertisements. So, if your curiosity extends to just to seeing these ads, then you’re better off searching Tumblr for comic book advertising. However, if you’re interested in an experience, this book was printed on the same paper as all those old comic books. That means you get the tactile feel, yellowed-whites and decaying paper smell you would from holding the originals.

Unfortunately, none of the products in the book are still available. But, our next featured book, Mail Order Mysteries [Buy on Amazon], will show you what you would have received if you had ordered.