New York-based balloon artist John Reid of Epic Balloons just created the world’s largest balloon sculpture (made by a single person) at the Salt Lake Comic Con. Meet Poptimus Prime!

Reid spent 42 hours assembling his 50-foot-tall balloon-bot using a total of 4302 purple, green, black, gray and white balloons. Representatives from Record Holders Republic were on hand to verify that Poptimus Prime actually is the largest balloon sculpture ever made by a single person, but it’ll take Guinness World Records a few months to verify it themselves.

The only thing more awesome that Reid’s giant inflatable robot is his attitude about his achievement:

Reid said that he hopes another artist will eventually outdo him. “I want to hold (the record) for like three or four months,” he said. “I hope that somebody else decides to try to take this art a little further and crush me. Trounce me. Wipe the floor with me. I would be honored to have somebody make something even more epic than this.”

Visit the Epic Balloons Facebook page for additional photos and video footage.

[via Geeks are Sexy and Deseret News]