In preparation for the 2014 Tour de France, which start in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on 5 July 2014, the Yorkshire Festival 2014 is organizing all sorts of cultural events. One of those is Fields of Vision, an awesome land-art project “set to appear in the fields and pastures of the South Pennine uplands made by farmers, cyclists and artists.” 12 enormous grass-based earthworks are being created along a 65 mile trail alongside the route of the Grand Départ stage of the race.

"The designs will be transferred from paper to pasture through a variety of means including sowing, feeding, cutting, and white line marking. Because each of the installations will be so huge, there will be designated vantage points from which the public can stop in safety to enjoy the installations and reflect on the artists’ work."

Pictured here is the first Fields of Vision piece, created by artist Simon Manfield. Located in Stanbury on sheep grazing fields, it depicts a shepherd beckoning to his faithful sheepdog.

Visit the Fields of Vision website to learn more about the project.

[via My Modern Metropolis]