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Wax sculptor Bobby Causey creates phenomenal hyperrealistic wax renditions of famous movie characters and Hollywood stars. Based in Allen Park, MI, Causey is a self-taught professional sculptor. Each of his pieces is painstakingly made by hand. For the sculptures that feature hair, each individual strand is punched in one at a time.

Causey makes an exhaustive study of photo references for each subject. The extraordinary effort he puts in is clearly paid off by the awesome results he consistently achieves. These sculptures look so real, we keep waiting for one of them to stick out a tongue or wink at us.

Visit the Bobby C. Sculptures website to check out more of Causey’s astonishingly lifelike wax sculptures.

[via Design Taxi and Daily Art]

We love Horse Head Masks and Unicorn Masks, even when they’re purely digital. 

Konami, the Japanese developer and producer of numerous popular video game series such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, and Castlevania, just released this awesome trio of horse-themed masks that can be worn by your avatar in PlayStation Home, the PS3’s virtual world. They’re only 99 cents each and can be found in the Home Alter Ego store.

Let your Secret Unicorn shine through!

[via Kotaku]

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