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Some numbers are so big that they defy comprehension. So just in case you’ve ever wondered to yourself ‘What does it look like when 8 million flower petals fall on a Costa Rican village?’ Thanks to Sony, who launched a spectacular volley of 3.5 tons of colorful petals to create a promo for their new Ultra HD TVs, now we know. It looks awesome. It looks like a scene from a fairytale or a glimpse into someone’s beautiful dream.

"Organised by international advertising agency McCann, the idea was to cover the area near the Irazú Volcano – located in central Costa Rica – with a flower petal for every pixel in Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV. McCann enlisted photographer Nick Meek and filmmaker Jaron Albertin to capture the colourful explosion.”

Visit Yellowtrace to watch the actual video and then click here for Sony’s behind-the-scenes video to learn how they did it using almost no digital trickery.

[via Yellowtrace]

Let’s pay a visit to the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds where we’ll watch this surprising POV video. Utah motorcyclist Bossaucey was out for a ride when he noticed an SUV in the adjacent lane driving with a coffee mug on its bumper. Bossaucey not only caught up to the vehicle and retrieved the mug, he also pulled up alongside the driver and returned it. Good deed accomplished!

[via Laughing Squid]

Why yes, these are photos of President Obama shaking hands with someone wearing one of our Horse Head Masks. This awesomely surreal moment occurred on Tuesday night, July 8, 2014, as the President was greeting people along the streets of downtown Denver, CO. The first photo was taken by Jewel Samad and the second by New York Times photographer Doug Mills.

Of course, it didn’t take long for The Internets to react in hilarious fashion, which is how we arrive at the amazing third photo.

Visit BuzzFeed for additional images.

[via the LA Times and BuzzFeed]

Macabre baking maven Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen (previously featured here) created this deliciously gruesome dissected cake in response to frequently being asked what’s inside her elaborately decorated cakes and what they taste like:

"Of course only the pretty cakes look like this on the inside, all the creepy and unusual cakes are yummy sponge cakes in many different flavours! ;-)

OK, so I’m kidding. Everything is tasty.”

[via Conjurer’s Kitchen]

Nature + Science + Art = Super Awesome!

These amazing gifs, created from a video by Jonathon Bird’s Blue World, show a diver releasing a non-toxic fluorescent dye at the base of different sponges in the Caribbean to beautifully demonstrate how they feed on microscopic plankton by pumping and filtering the water through their bodies.

Click here to watch the actual video.

[via the io9 Observation Deck and reefs.com]

These fantastical paintings are the work of Brazilian artist Rafael Silveira. His ornate frames are as unusual and beguiling as the surreal paintings within them. His work is heavily influenced by the comics and cartoons he’s loved since he was little. We love how he describes it himself:

“I like to create my own symbolism, using unusual stuff as a metaphors,” said Silveira. “I believe that the universe talks with us using secret, unexpected signs.”

Silveira will be showing his latest paintings in a solo exhibition entitled Unforeseeable, which opens at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York on June 28th and runs through July 26, 2014

Head over to Hi-Fructose to check out more beautifully bizarre paintings by Rafael Silveira.

Palaeontologists from the Museum of Palaeontology Egidio Feruglio in Argentina have discovered the fossilized bones of what they believe to be the largest creature ever to walk the Earth - a truly awesome discovery. Dr Jose Luis Carballido and Dr Diego Pol led an excavation team which unearthed about 150 huge dinosaur bones in the desert near La Flecha, about 250km (135 miles) west of Trelew, Patagonia.

Using its massive thigh bones, they’ve estimated that the dinosaur measured 40m (130ft) long, stood 20m (65ft) tall, and weight 77 metric tons. That’s just shy of 170,000 lbs or as heavy as 14 African elephants. It’s believed to be a new species of Titanosaur - enormous herbivores from the Late Cretaceous period.

'Titanosaur' is easily one of the most awesome words we've ever heard.

Head over to BBC News to learn more about this spectacular discovery.

Star Wars music + 1 enormous theatre pipe organ = Awesome

Watch, listen and geek out as masterly musician Jelani Eddington performs the Main Theme from the Star Wars symphonic suite on the 5/80 Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ at the “Place de la Musique" in Barrington, Illinois. The performance, the sound, and the scenes and images they conjure in our minds amount to a super awesome experience.

The only thing better would be hearing it in person. On a starship. With Han and Chewie. And R2D2 and C-3PO. And…well, you get the picture.

[via Nerd Approved]

We’ve seen what it’s like to fly on the back of an eagle and the bill of a pelican, and even what it might be like to get eaten by a penguin, but what’s it like to fly (and roll) in an F-16 Fighting Falcon?

Photographer Blair Bunting took a ride in an F16 with the Thunderbirds, the air demonstration squadron of the US Air Force. And, lucky for us, Blair took his GoPro camera with him to beautifully capture the spectacular view and incredible acrobatic manoeuvres that those jets are capable of. Is it awesome? Why yes, it’s completely awesome.

[via Twisted Sifter]