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Weezbo assembled a fantastic collection of macro photos taken by Indonesian photographer Nordin Seruyan (previously featured here) in his back garden in Borneo, Indonesia. His backyard appears to be a veritable wonderland of beautiful mantises, dragonflies, caterpillars, moths, grasshoppers, ladybugs and other insects.

Head over to Weezbo to view even more.

Chinese photographer Jun C elevates humble safety pins into surprisingly expressive anthropomorphic subjects for an ongoing series of photos entitled Brooch. Some appear to sit alone on a chair or at a desk, while others spend time with loved ones.

The pins are carefully bent and positioned in scenes that are wholly familiar to us humans - so much so that the viewer immediately identifies with the little metal subjects on an emotional level. In Jun C’s world, the life of a safety pin has its ups and downs just as it does for any of us.

Visit Jun C’s deviantART gallery to check out more of his work.

[via Design Taxi]