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London-based photographer Edward Horsford (previously featured here), shoots awesome high-speed photos of balloons just a fraction of a second after they’ve been popped. The images are utterly mesmerizing. Those explosive moments, which ordinarily take place faster than our eyes can take them in, are frozen in time thanks to Edward’s skills. The water inside of the balloon still holds its shape as the balloon pulls away like the skin on a grape.

Visit Edward Horsford’s Flickr page to view more examples of his captivating high-speed photography.

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The Slow Mo Guys filmed soap bubbles bursting at the incredible rate of 18,000 frames per second. It’s the slowest video they’ve made yet.

Playing with bubbles is already awesome, but watching their iridescent surfaces ripple, break and vanish at such a hypnotically drawn-out pace feels like magic. We suspect that Gav and Dan might be wizards wearing lab coats.

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This awesome Christmas tree can be found right here in Seattle. A clever and clearly quite playful gentleman named Patrick Kruger cut the top of his Christmas Tree and attached it to his roof, effectively creating the illusion that his tree had broken through the ceiling and roof of his home.

“I built the prop using a quarter sheet of plywood, sheathing and spare roofing tile,” said Kruger. “I then bought a 14-foot tree and cut the top 6 feet off and mounted it to the prop. The first attempt was blown off the roof, so I bolted it down with the help of my buddy, Scott Douglas.”

 Patrick Kruger, the Geyser of Awesome salutes you!

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