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We got to visit two of our favorite people at the Espionage Cosmetics booth during Comicon, Anne Wheaton and Bonnie Burton. They were promoting their new line of VandalEyes nail wraps. Anne and Bonnie are devoted to personifying the world with Googly Eyes and the results of their mischief are all over Twitter and Tumblr.

You can now VandalEyes your own nails! (Some even glow in the dark!)

If you’re in Seattle today, you can visit them from 12PM-3PM at their booth. If you aren’t, you can get your googly nail wraps here and your very own VandalEyes t-shirt here!

We had a blast at the first day of Emerald City Comic Con. We brought Mr. Bacon and Bigfoot for photo ops and we’re giving away FREE stickers. As you can see, even Spider-Man couldn’t resist taking a picture with Sasquatch. 

Also, we couldn’t resist posting some of our favorite costumes. The Vision and Scarlet Witch are wearing the costumes we wish were in the next Avengers movie. But, our absolute favorite of the day is the Joker/Harley Quinn mashup with The Big Lebowski. Why so, like, serious, man? 

If you’re attending the con, stop by our booth! We’re giving away free stickers!

If you’re going to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, be sure and stop by the Archie McPhee booth. You can get your picture taken with Bigfoot AND get a free “I Saw Bigfoot at Archie McPhee” sticker. Not only that, but we also have totally awesome Geyser of Awesome stickers available for you guys! We love you so much and want you to have these stickers. So, stop by, take a picture, buy a Unicorn Horn and grab some stickers! 

We’re in booth 2812 on the 3rd floor. Can’t wait to meet you.

If you aren’t in Seattle, which most of you aren’t, stay tuned. We’ll be mailing some stickers out in the near future.

Today is the third and final day of the Emerald City Comicon here in Seattle, WA. The awesome vibe is still going strong and Archie McPhee is still proudly occupying booth #2013, doing our part to fan the flames of wonderful, whimsical geekery that permeate every corner of the Washington State Convention Center.

One of the happenings we promised would take place during ECCC was the opportunity to meet the Original Unicorn, and boy howdy, was that ever an awesome experience.  As you can see from the many images posted above, not only did people get to meet the Unicorn, people also hugged the Unicorn, communed with the Unicorn, and even danced with the Unicorn.

The Unicorn also met other completely awesome Unicorns. He even got to meet Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time, which was a dream come true! 

Then there was the unfortunate incident with the poor Star TrekRedshirt" on the worst away mission ever - accidentally stabbed by a unicorn when approaching for a simple hug. Life can be so cruel. Hilarious, but cruel.

There’s still a little time left to come over to booth #2013 and say hello. Unicorns, horses, anthropomorphic bacon characters and squirrels wearing underpants would love to meet you.