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Redditor EliBelling shared the top photo of a phenomenal cosplay of a Boba Fett LEGO minifig. Redditor mrpotatoes subsequently dug up a link from The Dented Helmet where we learned that this geektastic costume was created by user CGS1 for their 6-year-old son. What’s more, as awesome as it is, it’s not even finished yet:

"I still have to finish building the arms and blaster, as well as tweaking a few things such as the cape fabric. I approached the components of this project as if they were actual Lego elements. In doing so, I created the jetpack to be removable as it appears in the actual minifigure as well as the range finder stalk.

The entire costume is built from scratch using photo references and scans I took myself. The costume is built primarily out of sintra with pink insulation foam used to carve the helmet dome and a small amount of plastazote foam used on the tips and base of the jetpack rockets. Torso and leg graphics are printed on adhesive vinyl while a custom green was used to colour match the helmet and jetpack.”

Click here for progress photos of the LEGO Fett costume.

CGS1, the Department of Awesome Parenting salutes you!

[via Fashionably Geek]

Artist Lee Hurley of Hurleyfx has been hard at work on what’s shaping up to be a truly awesome Groot costume that he’s going to debut at this year’s Dragon Con, which starts on August 29, 2014.

Even Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, was impressed and shared a photo on his Twitter feed.

Head over to Hurley’s Facebook page for lots of process photos and to follow his progress with this phenomenal cosplay project.

We hope that while he’s busy working on his Groot suit, Hurley is also practicing his “I am Groot” delivery.

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We can’t stop staring at the moving mouth tentacles on this incredibly awesome and rather disturbing animatronic Zoidberg costume. It was created by effects artist Frank Ippolito in collaboration with Tested and debuted at WonderCon 2014.

In addition to the nightmarish remote-controlled animatronic tentacles, the costume features foam-latex feet and claws that clickety-click just like they do on Futurama. Ippolito probably even recreated Zoidberg’s unforgettable odor. Let’s just hope they didn’t create an alternate costume depicting the Decapodian doctor out of his shell.

Click here for a fascinating making-of and demonstration video.

[via Technabob and the A.V. Club]

This phenomenally awesome Godzilla cosplay was created by lifelong Godzilla fan Sean Sumagaysay from Puerto Rico. Yes, there is a person inside this amazing homemade suit and, if you watch this costume test video (shot on a rooftop so it looks like he’s as tall as the nearby buildings), you’ll find that it moves just like the big guy does in the movies. Sean named his cosplay project “Project Nautilus" after the working title of the new Godzilla film which came out just last month. He debuted his lumbering creation at the 2014 Puerto Rico ComicCon.

Visit the Project: NAUTILUS Facebook page for additional photos.

[via Fashionably Geek and Kotaku]

Elsa Rhae is a Kansas City-based video editor/producer and awesome character makeup artist. She’s completely self-taught and able to transform herself into a fantastic variety of characters, including instantly recognizable faces from comic books, video games, movies and tv shows, spending between one and three hours on each dramatic transformation.

Visit Elsa Rhae’s YouTube channel for timelapse tranformations and makeup tutorials.

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Watch as 28-year-old street performer Joslyn Paige gives a group of kids in Ann Arbor, MI an unforgettable thrill by showing off his awesome homemade Transformer costume. Paige spent a few months and between $700-$800 to making his suit, which transforms from bipedal robot into a truck that actually drives around.

Paige told the Detroit Free Press that he plans to spend the summer performing in Ann Arbor, so if you happen to be nearby, keep an eye out for this awesome Human Transformer!

Video by Mohammad Tiba

Visit 22 Words for additional video and a couple photos.

Discussion of cosplay usually concerns the creation of awesome costumes. But some people don’t need to use a single piece of fabric, fiberglass, Wonderflex or EVA foam to create a spectacular look. Such is the case with Alexys Fleming, aka MadeYewLook, a completely self-taught make-up artist who can completely transform herself into anyone or anything using make-up, thoughtful lighting and sometime contact lenses and the occasional homemade headpiece or hat. Each character is so well-realized that some of the photos require a good long stare in order to find Lex’s actual facial features. And some of them are truly terrifying.

MadeYewLook also posts excellent tutorials on both her Facebook page and her YouTube channel. Even if you don’t want to try your hand at personal transformation with makeup, be sure to visit both her Facebook and YouTube accounts simply to check out many more of her incredible cosplay creations.

[via Kotaku Cosplay]