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This is the tiniest, cutest Tauntaun we’ve ever seen (and this is the creepiest one). He’s only 5-1/4” tall, comes with an even tinier saddle and bridle, and is so adorable that there’s no way he smells bad on the inside OR the outside.

This crocheted amigurumi biped from the planet Hoth was created by Kanata, Ontario-based artist Christine Doyle. (He’s currently available here.) You can check out more of her kawaii handmade creations as well as handmade jewelry and other accessories at her Etsy shop, underafeymoon.

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We all have favourite comfort foods, but have you ever considered using any of those foods as a comfy pillow instead of a tasty treat? Would you rest your head on a slice of pizza, a taco or a piece of macaroni & cheese? Perhaps you’d rather cozy up to a peanut butter & jelly sandwich or a creamy eclair?

Canaveral Groves, FL-based fiber artist Natalie Quirk has a test kitchen where she knits and crochets these delightful Comfort Food Cushions. Her current menu includes Lunch, Dinner, Sides, Dessert and even a selection of Snacks. She also accepts commissions for custom off the menu items.

Check out Natalie’s Etsy shop ComfortFoodCushions for her entire selection of comfy handmade faux food.

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Katie Bradley aka MossyTortoise (previously featured here) likes to crochet and care for animals so much that she branched out from making her already awesome tortoise cozies to create this unbelievably cute snail cozy:

"One of my clients asked me to crochet a tiny lacy stegosaurus cozy for her baby tortoise, which happens to be the same size as our baby marginated tortoise, Buttercup. I had a little bit of the yarn left over… and so, not wanting to waste it, I made a snail cozy!”

With such adorable matching cozies, we’re hoping that the snail and Buttercup are headed for snug yet fashionable adventures. Or at least a really cute nap.

Visit Katie’s MossyTortoise shop to check out more of her delightful handmade creations.

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If you feel like celebrating Pi/Pie day in a crafty fashion, show the world how much you love pie by wearing a pie on your head. But wait, these aren’t just pie hats, they’re crocheted Pie-rets and they were made by Regina Rioux of Monster Crochet.

Click here for Regina’s Pie-ret pattern and instructions on Ravelry.

(She also made an awesome strip of giant crocheted bacon.)

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If you love plants, but don’t have a green thumb, perhaps you should try crochet or knitting instead of gardening. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is currently hosting an exhibition entitled Knit, Purl, Sow, for which textile artists created beautifully detailed stitched botanical specimens.

"The exhibit has been two years in the making and contains 21 works with 19 provided by artist Tatyana Yanishevsky, who studied biology at Brown University. The Rhode Island-based artist dissected flowers and studied their anatomy in textbooks and greenhouses before starting down her creative path.”

Knit, Purl, Sow will be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden though January 23, 2014.

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Chelonian craft maven Katie Bradley (previously featured here) has added food-themed turtle and tortoise cozies to her MossyTortoise shop. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that the world needs more turtles stoically plodding around looking like the cutest cheeseburgers, roast turkeys, and crabs that we’ve ever seen.

Visit Katie’s MossyTortoise shop to check out more of her completely awesome handmade creations.

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Houston, Texas-based artist Elaine Bradford uses crochet and sculpture to create fantastic art installations like the awesome piece pictured here. In 2011 Elaine created this permanent installation inside the Vinson Branch of the Houston Public Library. It consists of a life-size baby elephant and a flying gaggle of Canada Geese, each wearing colourful crocheted sweaters.

"Elaine’s color palette was inspired by the Houston Zoo’s tropical bird habitat. Chisel 3D assisted her vision by sculpting the 7 and a half-foot tall baby elephant. Elaine has paired with writer, J.D.Ho and illustrator, Rene Cruz, to create a book which explains the colorful story of the fascinating characters, entitled, Pachikadi and His Flying Friends. The book is available at the library for readers to check out.”

Visit Elaine Bradford’s website and Flickr stream to check out more of her wonderful artwork.

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This tentacular piece of yarnbombing is the collaborative work of Jill Watt, who blogs as the Dapper Toad, and her sister Lorna of Knits For Life. This isn’t their first knitted creation, but it is their biggest yet.

The sisters used four miles of yarn to transform a Magnolia tree in San Mateo, CA into a giant blue squid. They even included some crocheted goldfish trapped in the squid’s tentacles.

"Lorna, an artist-in-residence for the Downtown San Mateo Association, wrote up a great post on how she and her sister conceived of, designed, and then created the “Yarnbomb Squid Tree.” Jill reports that it took 20 hours on a sweater machine to make enough to cover the tree and that it took them 14 hours to install it, in 91°F weather!”

[via Laughing Squid]

Awesome yarn-bombing artist Olek (previously featured here) has struck again, this time in San Francisco where she used her extraordinary crocheting skillz to completely covere the famous Doggie Diner heads in lots of colourful yarn.

John [Law] reports, “Olek wanted to work with a San Francisco icon. The Golden Gate Bridge wasn’t available this trip (the girl is AMBITIOUS so who knows…) but the second most iconic SF landmark(s) was!”

Photos by John Law, caretaker of the Doggie Diner heads.

Visit Laughing Squid to view more photos of the famous giant wiener dogs looking extra fabulous.