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British artist Shaun Hughes uses his engraving skills to create a wide variety of incredibly awesome hobo nickels. A couple months ago we shared his fantastic Storm Trooper Nickel. Today we share some more of his pop culture-inspired carved coins.

These pieces barely scratch the surface of the amount of artwork that Hughes produces. Be sure to visit his DeviantART gallery to check out more of his beautifully altered coinage.

[via Neatorama]

A few months ago we shared the concept design for an awesome toy that dares to combine the ancient unfathomable evil of Cthulhu with the cuteness and charm of My Little Pony. Her name is Little Maddie. She was designed by Bigshot Toyworks from Asheville, NC and now, for better or worse, we have the opportunity to help bring her into our own dimension.

Bigshot Toyworks recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to create Little Maddie Designer Figures. It’s the first step in their effort to fund the creation of The Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse, a whole universe of fantastic designer toys. For right now though, it’s all about tentacular Little Maddie. A $60 pledge will get you a gorgeous 6-inch-tall Maddie figure made of injection molded & ABS plastic, featuring ball-jointed wings and head in the original black/purple colorway. But that only happens if the project is successfully funded. There are lots of other Maddie-related goodies available at a wide range of pledge levels.

Head over to the Little Maddie Kickstarter page to learn more.

We love (and appropriately tremble in fear at the sight of) this awesome Cthulhu henna back piece. It was created by Redditor ragdahlz on her brother’s back. When she asked him if she could practice her henna art on him, he agreed saying, “as long as it’s not flowers.” So she created this wicked image of the Dread Cthulhu based on an illustration created by an artist named God Machine.
Cthulhu fhtagn
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We love (and appropriately tremble in fear at the sight of) this awesome Cthulhu henna back piece. It was created by Redditor ragdahlz on her brother’s back. When she asked him if she could practice her henna art on him, he agreed saying, “as long as it’s not flowers.” So she created this wicked image of the Dread Cthulhu based on an illustration created by an artist named God Machine.

Cthulhu fhtagn

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If you try reading by the light of this incredibly awesome Cthulhu lamp, don’t be surprised if the letters start to swim on the page and you hear eldritch whispers in your ear. It was created as a tribute to our favorite tentacular embodiment of ancient evil by Montreal-based artist Karl Dupéré-Richer using “the back of one PVC patio chair, 14 chair feet, one flowerpot, one umbrella base, two bike tires, 30 cans, many pieces of PVC pipes, one acrylic globe lights, some car body parts, a few pieces of garden hoses and about 1,000 devoured human souls.”

The Cthulhu light sculpture is currently on display at the EtOH Brasserie in Montreal, Canada.

Click here to check out more Karl Dupéré-Richer’s upcycled artwork.

Visit Neatorama for more photos.

Why settle for simply painting your walls when you could be covering them with fantastic wallpaper pattens like these? These designs were all created by Megan Rose Gedris, also known as Rosalarian, and are currently available via Spoonflower.

If you’re like us and already have tentacles on your fingers, face and arms and put up a betentacled Cthulhumas tree each December, odds are your walls are already pulsating with ancient evil. So papering them with Rosalarian’s awesome I Love Craft (get it?) Cthulhu damask wallpaper seems like an appropriately unnatural next step.

Of course, if the ravenous undead are more your style, she’s also got striking Brain and Zombie Brain designs. There’s a gorgeous Mermaid damask pattern as well. The best part is, because these patterns are up on Spoonflower, they’re also available as fabric and gift wrap.

Click here to view all of Rosalarian’s designs.

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Where impossible cuteness meets indescribable evil you’ll find this tentacular creature. Her name is Little Maddie and she’s an awesome combination of Cthulhu and My Little Pony designed by Asheville, NC-based company Bigshot Toyworks.

These are concept images for a project currently in development for a series of animation shorts and toys with the tagline “Friendship is madness”. Little Maddie may not be real yet, but we’re already making room for her on our toy shelf.

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American artist and puppeteer Bryan Van Horn created this awesome Puppet Cthulhu marionette. The satin-strung Great Old One was carved from basswood and poplar. His head and torso are hollow and the head contains a battery for red LED eyes. The wings are made of pigskin and strung for menacing flapping motion. The tentacles were strung using monofilament attached to a mobile-like apparatus, which means that they whip around randomly in response to movement made by the rest of the puppet. He also glows in the dark.

Puppet Cthulhu is Bryan’s first completed creation for a larger project currently called “Professor C’thulhu’s Old Tyme Theatre.”

"Think slightly twisted Victorian Marionette Theater. A little music from the netherworld, some dancing, some comedy, some tragedy. Lots and lots of tragedy."

We think that sounds pretty freaking awesome and we’ll be keeping an eye on Bryan Van Horn’s DeviantArt page for further developments.

Cthulhu fhtagn.

It’s Puppet Perfection Day on Geyser of Awesome!

After gathering round the Cthulhumas tree to sing Lovecraftian Solstice Carols and exchange accursed texts and arcane artifacts, it’s time for the Horrible Holiday Feast. We can’t think of a more disturbingly suitable entrée than Lubbock, Texas-based Rusty Eulberg’s monstrous “Cthurkey”:

According to Eulberg, he and wife Jennifer Robledo “wanted to do something unique for Christmas dinner with friends of ours. Jenny is a big fan of Cthulhu so we went and bought some crab legs and some octopus and bacon and cooked them all separate and slapped them together on a plate, and that was it. The next year I made a Cthicken [see bottom photo]; the same thing using squid instead of octopus and a chicken.”

Eulberg says, “The universal reaction was, ‘Oh my God, I couldn’t eat that.’ But each individual piece was cooked separately; all I did was set them together on the plate. It was delicious. The crab leg was awesome and the bacon added a nice flavor to the turkey.”

Visit Gothamist to learn more about Rusty Eulberg’s malevolent holiday meals.

The days have grown cold and short, Lovecraftian Solstice Carols can be heard on the wind, and in the Portland, OR home of Maika, co-editor of the Geyser of Awesome, the spot on the living room floor where betentacled trees have stood in years past has suddenly begun to darken and roil. Cthulhumas approaches and it’s time to pay tribute.

Dread Cthulhu still waits dreaming, but this year the Cthulhumas tree awoke. Its eyes are a pair of Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes that were altered with spray paint, paint pens, and markers. The wings were made using wire hangers, floral wire and tape, green cellophane, and the helpful guidance of a wing-making Instructable created by mercifulmaenad. Small sacrifices of blood, skin, and cherished cloth were made in the process and eldritch incantations were murmured.

Now the tree watches, unblinking. Sometime, just of the corner of an eye, the blue lights flicker and its tentacles appear to writhe. In the middle of the night the soft rustling of cellophane wings has been heard. The tree never sleeps. 

Merry Cthulhumas friends. May the deep dark sleep of the Great Old Ones continue undisturbed.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

Artists Amy L. Rawson and Brian East (previously featured here) have returned with an all new awesome and eldritch Santa Cthulhu creation. We’ve loved the previous incarnations, but this year they’ve outdone themselves my painstakingly crafting an 11” tall needle felted Santa Cthulhu who rides in a gorgeous Oct-Sleigh that’s pulled by the dreaded Shoggoth. Santa Cthulhu travels with a fishnet sack overflowing with writhing tentacular gifts.

Amy and Brian’s Needle Felted Santa Cthulhu with Shoggoth and Octi-Sleigh is a one-of-a-kind creation and is currently available to purchase via Amy’s Etsy shop.

Click here for more photos and details. Cthulhu fhtagn.

[via Amy L. Rawson]