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Oh hai! The awesome world of science just got a whole lot cuter. Biologist and blogger Sofía Gabriela recently shared this outrageously cute photo of a newly discovered species of velvet worm that scientists have named Eoperipatus totoro because of its delightful resemblance to the Catbus in My Neighbor Totoro. 
Photo by Nicky Bay.
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Oh hai! The awesome world of science just got a whole lot cuter. Biologist and blogger Sofía Gabriela recently shared this outrageously cute photo of a newly discovered species of velvet worm that scientists have named Eoperipatus totoro because of its delightful resemblance to the Catbus in My Neighbor Totoro

Photo by Nicky Bay.

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Today the Department of Exceptionally Wee Wonders would like to introduce you to Li’l Sebastian Acer, Britain’s smallest horse. The average miniature horse usually measure less than 34-38 inches tall. But Acer, who was born with dwarfism, stand a mere 22 inches tall, making him considerably smaller than the average miniature horse. He’s also 3-years-old and outrageously adorable.

Acer lives on a farm in Corringham, Essex, England with Maureen O’Sullivan, where his tiny legs get plenty of exercise. In addition to playing in the fields, O’Sullivan takes Acer for daily walks on a leash, including visits to the local pub. Even though Acer has his own itty-bitty stable, he also has free run of O’Sullivan’s house. He also has a BFF, a black labrador named Demon, who’s taller than he is.

Video by Matt Writtle

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Today the Department of Delectable Daikon Art explores grated daikon radish soup sculptures created by Tokyo-based Masanori Kono, who’s been sharing his daikon nabe creations via Twitter since last December. The response to his adorable edible artwork has been so positive that he recently landed a book deal. Kono’s book, Grated Daikon Art (daikon oroshi art), will be released in Japan on Friday. It includes both photos and receipes so people can create their own tiny hot pot polar bears and llamas of their own. Yum!

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Here we go again, first there were Dirds and then there were Meowls. Last month we learned about Bears with Beaks. But today, oh yes, today the Department of Awesome Animal Hybrids introduces us to slightly creepy yet irresistibly adorable Slittens, aka sloth-kittens.

They were first dreamy up by Rachael Aslett, a web designer and creative strategist based in Perth, Western Australia. Rachel started the slittens Tumblr where you can check out lots more of these sleepy, cuddly creatures and also submit photos of your own incapacitatingly cute kitten-sloth combos.

If someone ever creates a gif of a yawning slitten, it’ll either be the key to world peace or the beginning of the apocalypse.

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"To chap, or not to chap - that is the question…"

A question you can answer with our Shakespearean Lip Balm Set! You get Hamlet (with bonus piece of Yorick), Shakespeare and Macbeth (or as we call it: the Scottish balm). They are ready to make your mouth as moist as Desdemona’s hand in Act 3, Scene 4 of Othello.

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Japan is relentless in their efforts to incapacitate us with outrageously cute and singularly odd creations. First there were the Banana Bird capsule toys, then came the Bread dogs, and now - while we were already reaching for the smelling salts because of the previous two - they’ve gone and created Gashapon toy versions of the real-life sushi cats (“Neko-Sushi”) that we featured here last year.

Such an awesomely powerful combination of weird and cute may cause a disturbance in the Force. They’re certainly making it difficult for us to think about pretty much anything else. Although we are also suddenly craving sushi for lunch…

Head over to RocketNews24 for additional photos.

Today the Departments of Awesome Parenting and Impossible Cuteness met to squee in delight at the outrageously adorable and elaborate charaben (character bento) lunches created by Li Ming, Singapore-based mother of two lucky sons. Ming began making these exceptional midday meals when her eldest son, 10-year-old Ivan Tey, was having a hard time adjusting to starting school:

'He refused to go to school and cried everyday - he was not used to the longer hours and missed me. I packed him charabens with written messages to make him feel more secure.”

It wasn’t long before her youngest son, Lucas Tey, started asking for special lunches too:

"Lucas saw one of them and asked for one to take to kindergarten and he really enjoyed the attention he got from his teachers and friends. I ended up decorating either their lunch or dinner instead and they eat those at home. They still enjoy looking at what I make and will give comments at times on how I can position certain parts."

Li Ming has now made over 100 delightful charaben meals for her sons. Sometimes her inspiration comes from everyday life and other times share uses ideas suggested by her kids.

Visit Li Ming’s Flickr stream to check out many more of her amazing bento creations.

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Today the Department of Impossible Cuteness invites you to play another round of “Eat it or keep it as a pet?” RocketNews24 assembled an overwhelmingly kawaii collection of hard-boiled eggs that’ve been altered and decorated to turn them into all sorts of cute bento creatures, from chickens, bunnies, cows and pandas to Pikachu and a wee baby seal.

Could you conquer the debilitating cuteness of these enhanced eggs in order to enjoy them as lunch?

Head over to RocketNews24 for additional images and photo credits.

"The world is so full of a number of things,
I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

Because who doesn’t love anthropomorphic food and animal friends? Our friend and awesome artist Cuddly Rigor Mortis (previously featured here) just opened a solo exhibition of new paintings, entitled Happy As Kings, at Gallery Nucleus. The show runs through September 21, 2014.

Inspired by the Robert Louis Stevenson poem, “Happy Thought”, the artist introduces us to a group of gleeful royals that find happiness in the ordinary yet wonderful things in life.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it down in person, click here to view the exhibition online and even purchase originals and prints.

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