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We’re sure you’ll agree that one of the best parts about the return of spring is the reappearance of Easter candy on store shelves, not the least of which are those oh-so-precious Cadbury Creme Eggs. Over the years our favourite Dessert Detective Jessie Oleson, aka Cakespy (previously featured here), has created a mouthwatering suite of recipes featuring Cadbury Eggs. And, because she’s all about sharing the sweetness, she always provides thorough instructions.

Here you see Jessie’s Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs, Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict, Cadbury Creme Egg Salad Sandwiches, Cadbury Creme Scotch Eggs, and last but not least, her latest creation: Cadbury Creme Egg in Hole Toast. It’s a thick slice of pound cake with half a Cadbury Egg in the center that’s heated on a griddle and served warm, melty and delicious. (Each link will take you to the corresponding recipe)

[via Serious Eats]

Adventure Time + decorating Easter eggs = Eggventure Time!

Oh my glob!

The creative folks at HalloweenCostumes.com created ten adorable Adventure Time egg costumes that anyone can download and print to create their very own Ovo-Candy Kingdom. We love that Finn’s costume includes a tiny Jake hanging out in his breast pocket.

Click here for the free download.

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Check out that awesome googly-eyed velociraptor! He’s a giant industrial origami project called KitRex and he was created by Lehigh University grad student Lisa Glover.

"KitRex began as a homework assignment where I was asked to research a manufacturing process and demonstrate it in a unique way. I decided to research Industrial Origami, and over the course of 50 hours I designed, cut, and built a wearable 15-ft long velociraptor out of cardboard. I took him to a costume ball, and when I tromped into the room, literally everyone stopped to stare. He was the star of the evening, and everyone wanted one. I knew I had to do something."

Lisa then started (and successfully funded) a KitRex Kickstarter project to help her mass-produce an adorable 3-foot-long KitRex (since most people don’t have the space for a 15-ft paper dino). After months of prototyping and testing with kids between 8 - 12 years old, the final KitRex was born as a bristol board model that’s easily flat-packed and shipped anywhere (But you have to add your own googly eyes). A few lucky Kickstarter contributors were rewarded with giant 15-foot KitRexes of their very own.

Lisa isn’t quite ready to ship the KitRex, but for the time being you can click here to download a free pattern that fits on a standard 8x10 sheet of paper. It’ll be like playing with a dino hatchling.

[via Uproxx and KitRex]

If you feel like celebrating Pi/Pie day in a crafty fashion, show the world how much you love pie by wearing a pie on your head. But wait, these aren’t just pie hats, they’re crocheted Pie-rets and they were made by Regina Rioux of Monster Crochet.

Click here for Regina’s Pie-ret pattern and instructions on Ravelry.

(She also made an awesome strip of giant crocheted bacon.)

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Ravelry contributor Anke Klempner used her creative knitting skills to realize something that we’ve long suspected: teapots look a lot like snails.

Anke designed an adorable teapot cozy that accentuates the teapot’s resemblance to a snail’s shell and adds a pair of eye stalks to complete the transformation. They really do look like cute snails, but with the added bonus that these charming mollusks won’t eat your garden plants.

Click here for the Snail Tea Cozy pattern and instructions.

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"Remember: Walk without rhythm and we won’t attract the worm. It will go to the thumper."

The giant sandworms of Dune have been known to grow more than 400 meters long and have vast mouths filled with a fearsome array of crystalline teeth. They’re breathtaking and terrifying and now, thanks to canida, an Oakland, CA-based Instructables user, you can dress up just like one.

This awesome Giant Sandworm Shai Hulud Costume was created using an inexpensive children’s play tunnel, 6 yards of sandworm-tan fabric, mouth-pink fabric, posterboard, wire, a large cardboard box and basic sewing skills. Click here for step-by-step instructions. However you’ll have to figure out your own recipe for the spice melange.

of Neatorama pointed out that it wouldn’t be difficult to alter this costume design to instead create one of the sandworms from Beetlejuice. Also awesome.

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Cake is awesome. No matter where you are, what day it is, time it is, what you’re wearing or what the weather is like, it’s always a good time for cake. And besides just eating it ourselves, giving cake to someone else is also awesome. You can use it to wish them a happy birthday, congratulate them, cheer them up or simply say, “I think you’re swell.” But giving someone cake isn’t always that simple. Perhaps they’re far away. Cake doesn’t generally make it through the mail unharmed.

But wait, Sandra Denneler of SheKnows.com has come up with an amazing way to send a mouthwatering slice of cake to anyone anywhere - or at least anywhere the mail goes. And thanks to her DIY recipe tutorial, you can do it too. Sanda calls these creations Cake Postcards. They look just like the real thing, but they’ll never get crushed or spoil:

"Imagine how happy and excited you’d be, if you went to your mailbox one day and pulled out a slice of cake. Now you can surprise friends and family (and probably even your mail carrier), with this three-dimensional, mailable postcard, cleverly disguised as cake. With only five ingredients in this crafty recipe — a large sponge, spray paint, caulk, spray adhesive and heavy paper — it’s a piece of cake. Literally. Postage is around $3 per slice, but the reaction from the recipient will be priceless."

Click here for the complete Cake Postcard tutorial.

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Just in time for Super Bowl XLVIII, Heather Arment of A Lil’ Curious put together a great tutorial for How to Build A Super Bowl Snack-Stadium.

However we’d like to go on the record saying that it doesn’t matter if you’re watching Super Bowl 48, Puppy Bowl X or Downton Abbey. Any gathering of hungry friends is reason enough for a snacktacular spread of munchies.

Click here for the Snack-Stadium tutorial.

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Redditor Fortunekitty created this completely awesome Gingerbread TARDIS and then went one giant step further and created a Gingerbread Tardis How-To, complete with a helpful series of step-by-step photos. So now the rest of us hungry Whovians can have a go at making one too.
[via Neatorama]

Redditor Fortunekitty created this completely awesome Gingerbread TARDIS and then went one giant step further and created a Gingerbread Tardis How-To, complete with a helpful series of step-by-step photos. So now the rest of us hungry Whovians can have a go at making one too.

[via Neatorama]

Jenn Fujikawa of That’s Nerdalicious! created the perfect DIY Christmas tree decoration for bacon lovers: a garland that’s made of nothing but mouthwatering black pepper bacon.

"If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know what my Christmas tree needs? MORE BACON,” then I have a solution for you – a Christmas garland made out of crispy, peppery bacon!

Just like the nostalgic paper rings you used to make as crafts when you were a kid, in this case I’ve substituted everyone’s favorite cured pork product.”

Click here for complete instructions.

There’s only one problem with this edible garland. We know our own passion for bacon well enough to know that we’d want to eat this delicious decoration before we’d even finished hanging it on the tree. But then you’d have an excuse to cook up even more bacon!

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]