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You’d be surprised at how many people get stuck in Chinese Finger Traps. Seriously, people panic and end up ruining the trap. You can imagine how happy we were when we discovered this movie in a mysterious bunker under our store. 


From the Archie McPhee Educational Film Series

Lesson One: How to Escape a Chinese Finger Trap

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Today is the third and final day of the Emerald City Comicon here in Seattle, WA. The awesome vibe is still going strong and Archie McPhee is still proudly occupying booth #2013, doing our part to fan the flames of wonderful, whimsical geekery that permeate every corner of the Washington State Convention Center.

One of the happenings we promised would take place during ECCC was the opportunity to meet the Original Unicorn, and boy howdy, was that ever an awesome experience.  As you can see from the many images posted above, not only did people get to meet the Unicorn, people also hugged the Unicorn, communed with the Unicorn, and even danced with the Unicorn.

The Unicorn also met other completely awesome Unicorns. He even got to meet Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time, which was a dream come true! 

Then there was the unfortunate incident with the poor Star TrekRedshirt" on the worst away mission ever - accidentally stabbed by a unicorn when approaching for a simple hug. Life can be so cruel. Hilarious, but cruel.

There’s still a little time left to come over to booth #2013 and say hello. Unicorns, horses, anthropomorphic bacon characters and squirrels wearing underpants would love to meet you. 

Holy awesomeness, Batman! It’s Emerald City Comicon and Archie McPhee is there! 

Today is day 2 of the ECCC, taking place in downtown Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center

This year Archie McPhee has its very own booth, #2013. 

Is that Loki menacing Slicey the Pig? You bet it is.
This sort of awesomeness only happens at comicon! 
ECCC has always been a hotbed of awesomeness and the best part is that it gets bigger, better, and possibly even sillier every single year.

Come over to booth 2013 and say hello! Have your photo taken with Mr. Bacon and a giant squirrel wearing underpants! Snag an exclusive Archie McPhee Comicon t-shirt. You might even get to meet the Original Unicorn. 

Emerald City Comicon runs through tomorrow, Sunday March 3rd and we’ll be here the whole time, soaking up and helping to spread the geeky awesomeness of it all.