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French art director and illustrator Troqman makes clever use of both his pens and his sketchbooks as well as his surroundings in order to create entertaining drawings of characters appearing to interact with the real world. Our favorite pieces involve characters on multiple pages or sketchbooks interacting with each other as well as the 3D world. And then there’s Spider-Man who think’s he just found his long-lost father.

Troqman calls this playful hobby Cartoon Bombing and you can see a lot more of it over o Instagram or right here on Tumblr at troqman.

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Brazilian illustrator Gabriel Picolo is just over 100 days into an awesome art project called 365-DaysofDoodles. It’s exactly what it sounds like - Picolo is drawing something new in one of his Moleskine sketchbooks every day for a year. However these are some of the finest “doodles” we’ve ever seen.

Each drawing is unique and often inspired by some sort of pop culture source, featuring his own version of characters from anime, tv, movies and fine art.

Click here to view all of the daily doodles that Picolo has created thus far and then be sure to check back to watch him update the project.

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When October Jones rides the train he amuses himself by privately selecting fellow passengers, determining what fictional character best matches their clothing and posture, and then drawing new heads for them on Post-it notes. He photographs his impromptu commuter makeovers and shares then on his Twitter feed, which might look familiar to you if you’re a fan of one of this other awesome projects, Texts from Dog.

Follow October Jones on twitter for more delightful sticky note traveler transformations.

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The Postit days is the moniker of an anonymous Spanish artist who creates quick drawings on post-it notes and then photographs those doodles humorously interacting with the outside world. Many of his drawings have pop culture-related origins and involve characters or situations from well known movies, comic books and cartoons.

Superman stops a train, Slimer gorges on chips at the grocery store, Gizmo peeks out of a backpack, and the haunting ghost sisters from The Shining invite us to come play with them. Elsewhere the Bat-Signal is projected from the top of an office building while a cellular tower is suddenly home for the dreaded Eye of Sauron.

Check out The Postit days on Facebook and Instagram for many more whimsical works of art using sticky notes.

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Redditor SquishyMcPhee recently made an awesome discovery while visiting his car dealership in Norman, Oklahoma for an oil change. He found a styrofoam cup left behind by another customer who had covered the entire cup, inside and out, with intricate ballpoint pen doodles. Look closely and you might recognize Dilbert, one of The Smurfs, Beetle Bailey, and the entire Simpsons family. 

There are also a couple messages inscribed on the outer ad inner rim of the cup:

On the outside rim of the cup, it reads: “Each of us has choices to make each day. What you choose determines your future and the person you become.” On the inner rim: “If you look deep within a piece of art you will find a piece of its creator.” And, on the bottom, inside the cup: “Smile - It’s easy ‘N’ it’s free”

SquishyMcPhee immediately set about trying to learn the identity of the artist responsible for this amazing cup. Eventually his efforts paid off and he is now trying to persuade the artist, identified only as “Mister Hershey”, to agree to a Q&A session on Reddit:

Come to find out he’s done OVER A THOUSAND OF THESE CUPS IN THE PAST 5 YEARS… Some of the others he’s done put this one to shame. This guy’s a freaking Master…”

For now we a description provided by the cashier at the car dealership:  

…SquishyMcPhee was able to learn a bit about him from the cashier who described him as a young man that had come in to get work done on his car. The job would take about three hours and so the anonymous artist resolved to doodle on a nearby coffee cup. Astonished by the skilled handiwork, especially taken aback by the impressive amount of detail administered inside the cup, the Redditor questioned the cashier further and says, “She said that he didn’t even seem that intent on it, just had his feet up most of the time. He’d doodle, pitch it down and go get a drink, doodle some more, walk around the showroom for a while…”

It’s clear that Mister Hershey has a gift for killing time. We hope we get to see more of his decorated cups soon. 

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It’s time for another heartwarming visit to the Department of Awesome Parenting where we meet David LaFerriere, graphic designer, “illustrator with geek-like tendencies,” and a completely awesome dad. Located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, David has been drawing delightful illustrations on his kids’ lunchtime sandwich bags since 2008 and has photographed almost all of them.

Consider the scope of this for just a moment: So many sandwiches… So many drawings… Over 1100 of them now and he’s still going!

David’s lucky kids get to enjoy new surprise drawings (and the sandwiches themselves) every day, but we get to enjoy them all at once over on his Flickr account.

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Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli creates awesome illustrations inspired by other people’s Instagram photos. We were immediately drawn to the doodle featuring our creepy Horse Head Mask.

”I almost always look for pictures with objects rather than landscapes, something with a focus rather than a panorama. Usually I choose pictures of an object or animal or a figure that can be removed from its context.”

Geffen posts a delightfully strange new drawing on Instagram every few days as dailydoodlegram. This is such a small sampling of her adorably weird artwork, be sure to check out the rest.

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Speaking of Instagram, Archie McPhee is on Instagram too!

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita creates awesome composite pen and ink illustrations using countless densely scribbled doodles - often cute, goofy little characters like you might find yourself absentmindedly drawing during class or a meeting. But unlike your own doodles, Keita’s scribbles come together to form incredible pieces famous works of art and landmarks from all over the world. Here you see his depictions of Antonio Canova's famous sculpture Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss and the Statue of Liberty.

Visit Colossal to view more examples of Sagaki Keita’s incredible doodle art (some of which are from a commissioned campaign for Expedia from late last year) and then head over to Keita’s own website to view more.