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Brazilian illustrator Gabriel Picolo is just over 100 days into an awesome art project called 365-DaysofDoodles. It’s exactly what it sounds like - Picolo is drawing something new in one of his Moleskine sketchbooks every day for a year. However these are some of the finest “doodles” we’ve ever seen.

Each drawing is unique and often inspired by some sort of pop culture source, featuring his own version of characters from anime, tv, movies and fine art.

Click here to view all of the daily doodles that Picolo has created thus far and then be sure to check back to watch him update the project.

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Take a look at these incredibly tiny illustrations of the American West by California-based artist Sam Larson. Now go grab a penny and then look at the drawings again to really appreciate just how small they are. Our favorite piece is the Bigfoot scene. That may be the tiniest Sasquatch we’ve ever seen.

Larson posts all of his marvelous miniature illustrations on his Instagram account. Follow him there to see more.

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If it weren’t for the color pencils placed beside these incredible drawings, it would be all too easy to assume you were looking at macro photos. These awesome hyperrealistic eyes are the work of Texas-based graffiti artist and illustrator Redosking. The longer we look at them, the more we have to refer back to the color pencils to remind ourselves that they really are flat illustrations.

Check out more of Redosking’s impressive artwork by following him on Facebook or Instagram.

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When October Jones rides the train he amuses himself by privately selecting fellow passengers, determining what fictional character best matches their clothing and posture, and then drawing new heads for them on Post-it notes. He photographs his impromptu commuter makeovers and shares then on his Twitter feed, which might look familiar to you if you’re a fan of one of this other awesome projects, Texts from Dog.

Follow October Jones on twitter for more delightful sticky note traveler transformations.

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Storyboard artist and scribbler Marty Cooper uses sharpies and white out to draw mischievous cartoon characters on transparent film, which enables him to pose and photograph them interacting with the real world in all sorts of unexpected ways. By playing with perspective Cooper’s drawings sometimes appear to be both giant - like the polar bear scratching his back on the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco - and tiny - like an anthropomorphic banana hitching a ride on a llama.

Check out lots more of Marty Cooper’s playful creations by following him here on Tumblr or over on Instagram.

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It’s been a few months since we last paid a visit to the Department of Awesome Animal Hybrids. Netherlands-based artist Redmer Hoekstra creates beautifully surreal illustrations that combine animals and humans with machines and everyday objects. Hoekstra’s hybrids are wonderfully imaginative. The pages of a book are the wings of an owl. A mother pigeon is a teapot feeding a brood of gaping teacup chicks in their serving tray nest. The metallic skin of a submarine is peeled like a banana to reveal a humpback whale inside.

Visit Redmer Hoekstra’s Behance page to check out more of his dreamlike illustrations. He also has an online shop offering books, prints and postcards.

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Pittsburgh, PA-based graphic designer and writer Don Moyer likes to draw things that make him laugh. That’s why he’s been hard at work on a fantastic series of drawings based on traditional blue willow china plate patterns. The designs look authentic except for one extraordinary difference: the otherwise tranquil design on each plate includes some sort of unexpected calamity. It could be an alien invasion or natural disaster. It could be a sea monster or a swarm of bats. It could even be a giant zombie poodle, flying monkeys or robots. There are simply so many ways that disaster might strike.

Moyer calls this awesome ongoing series Calamityware. Two of his designs (the flying monkeys and the giant robot) have been produced as actual porcelain plates thanks to successfully funded Kickstarter projects.

Check out Don Moyer’s Calamityware Flickr set to view more of his designs.

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The Postit days is the moniker of an anonymous Spanish artist who creates quick drawings on post-it notes and then photographs those doodles humorously interacting with the outside world. Many of his drawings have pop culture-related origins and involve characters or situations from well known movies, comic books and cartoons.

Superman stops a train, Slimer gorges on chips at the grocery store, Gizmo peeks out of a backpack, and the haunting ghost sisters from The Shining invite us to come play with them. Elsewhere the Bat-Signal is projected from the top of an office building while a cellular tower is suddenly home for the dreaded Eye of Sauron.

Check out The Postit days on Facebook and Instagram for many more whimsical works of art using sticky notes.

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