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"That’s no moon. It’s a space station."

We can’t decide what makes this stellar Star Wars-related cosplay more awesome: the phenomenal handmade Death Star Gown itself or the fact that it’s been accessorized with a Star Destroyer purse equipped to play Star Wars sound effects.

According to her husband Lady Death Star spent over 100 hours working on her spectacular gown. Everything was made by hand with the minor exceptions of the rank badge and the tin detail on her hat. The illuminated skirt weighs over 20 pounds. 10 pounds of that weight comes from the steel hoops that give the skirt its shape. There are also 12 D batteries powering 300 LED lights, and two skirts - an underskirt containing the steel hoops and the Death Star top skirt featuring roughly 900 foam tiles.

Visit Lady Death Star’s project blog for lots of process photos and to learn about how this fantastic gown was made.

Top photo taken by Undiscovered Photography at the Edmonton Expo.
Second photo taken by the 501st Legion at the Calgary Expo.

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In 1888 actress Ellen Terry performed the role of Lady Macbeth at London’s Lyceum Theatre while wearing an awesome green gown bedecked with the 1,000 sloughed-off wings of the jewel beetle. It quickly became one of the most celebrated costumes of the Victorian era, immortalized in a portrait painted by John Singer Sargent.

126 years is a long time and over the years Dame Terry’s dress experienced all sorts of wear and tear and numerous alterations. But after 1,300 hours of painstaking work over and £50,000 ($81,000) in expenses, this magnificent costume has been restored to its original glory.

Work began on the gown two years ago after a successful fundraising campaign, but restoring the beetle wings wasn’t the most difficult task. “We had collected the beetle wings that had fallen off over the years,” says Paul Meredith, house manager at Smallhythe Place, where the dress now resides, “so that the conservator was able to reattach many of the originals, plus others that had been donated to us—1,000 in total.” The restoration team patched the 100 or so broken wings using small pieces of Japanese tissue and wheat starch paste.

Click here to read more about the restoration process.

Photos by Zenzie Tinker

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This incredibly awesome and wonderfully creepy Robotic Spider Dress is the result of a collaboration between Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht and Austrian software developer Daniel Schatzmayr. The dress features arachnoid legs mounted on the wearer’s shoulders that move whenever the dress senses nearby movement. 

Schatzmayr’s obsession with hacking hexapods, along with Wipprecht’s established ability to craft fashions that defy convention resulted in this nightmarish hybrid reminiscent of the Borg Queen’s unsettling robot spine host body. As a Halloween costume, the Robotic Spider Dress would win every time, but as a piece of fashion, it might actually be an early look at practical robotics-enhanced garments.”

[via DVICE]

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Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy Balloon creates awesome dresses using balloons. Her latest pieces were constructed as part of ‘Piece for Peace’ - a charity art exhibition at Parco Gallery in Tokyo that runs until January 9, 2013.

Photos by Satoshi Minakawa and Hiroshi Manaka respectively

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This is Widow, a stunning gown created by Susie MacMurray

The dress is made of black Napa leather and more than 94 pounds of adamantine dressmaker pins (approximately 100,000). While you cannot actually wear it, you can view the dress at the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Power of Making exhibition in London through January 2, 2012.

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Legendary English designer Thelma Madine and Voodou Salons teamed up to create this incredibly awesome, one-of-a-kind wedding dress made out of human hair:

"The unique hair wedding dress was created from 250 meters [820 feet] of hair extensions, tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and different pieces of hair, 1,500 crystals and 12 underskirts. A team of eight people put in around 300 hours of work, over a period of 12 days, to complete the dress, but all the effort paid off when their creation was finally finished. “This was a chance for us to show our creatively and originality and it’s a fantastic feeling to see the finished product. It’s fair to say we’ll probably not see another dress like it for a very long time,” Ryan Edwards said. The hair wedding dress weighs just over 75 kilograms [165 pounds] and is a size six."

[via Oddity Central and Luxury Launches]

We recently shared a 7 foot Gundam suit made entirely out of paper. Here’s some more awesome papercraft with a different flavour:

Artist Susan Stockwell uses paper to create elaborate and impressively detailed dresses.

Here you see a close-up of the Money Dress from 2010, stitched together using paper money from all over the world and based on the style of dress worn in the 1870’s by British Female Explorers in honour of their historical significance.

Below that is the Empire Dress from 2005, a life-size Victorian style dress made from maps of the British Isles. 

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