Kirsty Childs has some seriously awesome makeup artistry skillz. Pictured here are examples of her creative work with eye makeup inspired by superheroes (Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and Batman) and other pop culture or literary characters like Dark Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lewis Carroll’s beloved Alice.

Visit Kirsty’s DeviantART gallery to view more of her amazing work.

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EyelashJewelry is an Etsy shop run by a woman named Natalie who handmakes, you guessed it, jewelry for your eyelashes:

Eyelash jewelry is made by hand-weaving tiny glass beads onto ultra thin wire. This creates a light-weight, flexible band that can be formed to the shape of any eye. Simply bend the jewelry into the proper shape, apply a thin layer of adhesive, and press it directly above your eyelashes.”

Here you see Unicorns, Candy Corn, wee bitty Baby Farm Animals, and ”Salad Days” (garden vegetables and feathers) eyelash adornments. Head over to EyelashJewelry to view many more.

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German artist Lisa Stroeher shot these awesome, otherworldly black light portraits of a fluorescent paint-splattered model for a series entitled Into the Space. There was no photo manipulation involved in the creation of these striking images. The model’s fiery neon eyelashes might be our favourite detail. 

[via My Modern Metropolis]

The Big Picture just posted a great selection of photographs documenting recent LGBT Pride-related events around the world. These are two of our favourite shots:

In the top image, photographed by Wojtek Radwanski, a child happily runs after a person wearing a truly awesome array of balloons during a pride parade in Warsaw, Poland on June 2, 2012. We’d be sorely tempted to try to touch some of those balloons too.

The second image, photographed by John MacDougall, is a stunning portrait of a participant in Berlin’s annual Christopher Street Day parade on June 23, 2012. Those bright green lashes and that coppery beard make a killer combination.

Visit The Big Picture to view the rest of the photos from their LGBT Pride post.