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All of us at Archie McPhee were so happy to see Weird Al Yankovic wearing our Amazing Hypno Glasses on the cover of The Seattle Times! Plus, his new album Mandatory Fun is amazing. Our only disappointment is that he has a song called Tacky and we aren’t mentioned. 

(Photo of Weird Al by Casey Curry/Invision/AP)

Sure they’re hellbent on exterminating humanity, but as Whovians we can’t help but love a Dalek, particularly when they’re focused on simply being awesome and less concerned with those nasty death rays.

This fantastically shiny set of hand-painted 3D Doctor Dalek Acrylic Nails was made by Atra Materia, who runs the Gingerdead House Etsy shop.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Doctor Who-inspired nail art, but there’s something at once sinister and delightful about the fact that these rhinestone and metallic stud bespangled Dalek nails are modeled on fake human fingers. Either no live human would dare risk being the model or no Dalek nail could stomach (not that they have stomachs) being so close to a human.

Click here to order (different nail sizes and colors are available) and be sure to check out the Gingerdead House’s other geektastic nails while you’re there.

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Rob ‘The Original’ Ferrel is a San Antonio, TX-based barber who combines his artistic background with his skills as a professional barber to create works of art using the hair on his clients’ heads. The majority of his pieces are portraits of celebrities, athletes and pop culture characters, but he also creates illustrations of video game graphics and even some religious iconography. Rob is so good with pairs of scissors and clippers that calling him a barber doesn’t do justice to his skills. Instead it makes a lot more sense to refer to him as a professional hair artist.

You can check out many more of Rob’s hair transformations via his Instagram account. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts making-of videos.

[via Twisted Sifter and Laughing Squid]

Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator Antonio Rodrigues Jr created these wonderful hand-painted illustrations for a series entitled The Great Lookbook of Urban Bugs. Each delicate insect has been outfitted in an ensemble featuring the signature style and colors of various fashion brands, from Levi Strauss to United Colors of Benetton. There’s even a fly dressed in lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

Click here for additional images.

Visit Antonio’s Behance page to check out more of his artwork.

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We aren’t sure if this Giant Isopod iPhone case would deter phone theft or actually encourage it, but either way it’s creepily awesome. You could chat on your isopod phone while snacking on a batch of adorably creepy isopod sausages or actual giant isopods.

Created exclusively for sale in Japan, these limited edition communication crustaceans come in both silver and gold versions, which sell for $80 and $120 respectively. Only 500 were produced, so we’d better buy plane tickets soon if we hope to snag one for ourselves.

It probably won’t fit in your pocket. But if your phone looked this fantastically freaky, would you ever want to put it away? Neither would we.

[via Geekologie]

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based artist Susan McLeary creates exquisite pieces of one-of-a-kind living jewelry using small succulent plants mounted on bronze bases. Each piece can be worn for 3-4 weeks, after which the plants may be gently removed from their bases and planted in a pot or garden.

Visit the PassionflowerToWear Etsy shop to view more of McLeary’s beautiful botanical jewelry.

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Dress-Up Bigfoot - We’re going to blow your mind a bit, but if you think about it, Bigfoot walks around naked. Sure, his fur makes it look like he’s all covered up, but he’s a forest-living, hippy nudist. Our new Dress-Up Bigfoot comes with 28 reusable vinyl cling pieces of clothing and accessories that you can use to dress Bigfoot. At 16” tall, he’ll make a handsome desk accessory or holiday decoration. You can dress Bigfoot to your whim, but we’re partial to him in his tighty-whities.

Available here

These 10 chic couples are the finalists in Duck Brand Duck Tape’s 2014 “Stuck at Prom” competition. The contestants are all high school students who’ve created awesome prom finery using duct tape. They’re competing for a grand prize of $10,000 each. However the second and third place prizes ($5,000 and $3,000) are nothing to sniff at either. Anyone can vote for one of these fabulous pairs once a day through July 8, 2014.

Click here to vote and check out the winners from previous years.

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Somerville, MA-based artist Judith Klausner (previously featured here) has developed a delightful line of jewelry based on From Scratch, her series of food-based art for which she combines food and traditional handicrafts. Klausner has adapted the process she used to make her Cereal Samplers, cross-stitch samplers made of Corn Chex cereal, to create wearable handmade monogram necklaces.

"Each letter is delicately hand cross-stitched onto a piece of Corn Chex cereal, embedded in resin, and finished with sterling silver plated findings on an 18" sterling silver chain.

It seems fairly certain that no two pieces of Chex are exactly alike, so these exquisite necklaces aren’t just unusual, they’re also unique. If you would like a personalized cereal necklace and/or know someone else who’d love one too, all you have to do is visit Klausner’s ArtSnacks Etsy shop and pick a letter and thread color. She also accepts custom orders for pieces made of 2 or 3 initials.

Visit ArtSnacks to view more cross-stitched Chex necklaces and Judith Klausner’s website to check out more of her awesome artwork.