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Have you ever seen a white blue marlin? Now you have, thanks to Bob and Karen Weaver. The couple were fishing off the coast of Los Sueños, Costa Rica aboard the Spanish Fly when they caught and released what both the International Game Fish Association and The Billfish Foundation have identified as a leucistic blue marlin.

Unlike albinism, leucism is caused by a reduction in all types of skin pigment, not just melanin.

"A further difference between albinism and leucism is in eye colour. Due to the lack of melanin production in both the retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) and iris, albinos typically have red eyes due to the underlying blood vessels showing through. In contrast, most leucistic animals have normally coloured eyes."

Both organizations also agree that this is the first time such an awesomely rare creature has been caught on camera. The photos were taken by the crew of the Spanish Fly, a fishing boat chartered through Maverick Yachts and Sportfishing Charters.

[via Twisted Sifter]

It’s been a while since we last checked in on the playful artwork of Roadsworth (previously featured here). The Montreal-based street artist continues to create clever large-scale pieces that turn city streets into an urban wonderland. Flocks of geese migrate in v-formation down the middle of a street while a school of sardines swims into a net and then turns up packed into a can at two crosswalks. The dividing lines of a parking lot are the stems from which saplings sprout as giant flowers grow up out of the gutter.

"This year marks a decade since Roadsworth was charged with 53 counts of public mischief, after which he received considerable public support and was let go with a slap on the wrist. Since then the artist has created artwork for municipalities, exhibitions, and arts festivals around the world."

Visit Roadworth’s website to check out more of his awesome street art.

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Yuko Higuchi’s artwork combines so many of our favourite things, such as tentacles, cats and anthropomorphism, that looking at her drawings feels like we’ve fallen down a rabbit hole created just for us. We were delighted to learn that the adorable kitty featured in so many Yuko’s pieces is based on her own pet cat named Boris. He’s her primary source of inspiration.

These pieces are just a small sampling of Yuko Higuchi's surreal world. You can see lots more of her artwork on Facebook, via Twitter, or right here on Tumblr. She also recently published her very first illustrated book.

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Eels may not be the first creatures that spring to mind when considering cute animals, but now that we’ve seen a wee baby Black Ribbon Moray eel (top photo) we’ve got to admit that it’s one of the cutest little monsters we’ve ever seen. The toothy baby’s proud parents are pictured in the second photo. Mama eel is the yellow one and papa eel is black.

But wait, that top photo isn’t just an unexpected source of cuteness. It’s also proof of an awesome breakthrough: the first successful captive breeding of any of the more than 200 known species of Moray eel.

At Zoo Vienna Schönbrunn in Austria, a Black Ribbon Moray laid a clutch of fertilized eggs. This fact alone is quite a sensation. But it gets better: some larvae even hatched!

"It is the first time that the hatching of Morays could be observed. Up to now, nobody knew what the larvae look like, what they eat and how they behave“, explains the zoo’s director Dagmar Schratter.

Photos by Daniel Zupanc

Visit ZooBorns to learn more about how the Schönbrunn Zoo is successfully breeding adorable monster-baby eels.

Seattle-based science professor and photographer Adam Summers shot an awesome series of photos, entitled Cleared, for which he used bleach and different dyes to alter aquatic subjects to create beautifully detailed images that look like colour x-rays.

Summers explains: “The technique uses two vital dyes – Alcian Blue to stain cartilaginous elements a deep blue and Alizarin Red S to turn mineralized tissue crimson. The specimen is then lightly bleached with hydrogen peroxide to remove dark pigments, leaving a snow-white fish. Flesh is dissolved with Trypsin, a digestive enzyme found in your intestine… In order to make the skin and remaining connective tissue invisible the entire specimen is immersed in glycerin.”

And so once again we see that Art + Science = Awesome.

Visit My Modern Metropolis to learn more about how Adam Summers creates these stunning images.

Self-taught Dutch freelance artist Ramon Bruin, aka JJK Airbrush (previously featured here), is still hard at work on his awesome anamorphic illustrations. Ramon’s handmade optical illusions are so convincing that it’s sometimes tricky to figure out where the drawings stop and solid objects take over.

Our favourite new piece, entitled Keep Fishin’, makes it appear as though Ramon is fishing (with one of his own pencils) for a beautiful Koi that’s swimming in a small sunken tank in his floor.

Visit JJK Airbrush’s website and Facebook page to check out more of his astonishing artwork. Prints of his Optical Illusionism pieces are available here.

[via My Modern Metropolis]

Dark Roasted Blend recently assembled an impressive collection of Extremely Weird Bus Stops & Shelters. Our favourites include the fabulous disco bus stop, kawaii fruit and fish-shaped bus stops (that are, of course, located in Japan), a hungry bunny bus shelter (caught in the act of devouring two ladies oblivious to their peril, and the ferocious great white shark bench in Bangkok, Thailand (previously featured here).

Visit Dark Roasted Blend to view many more strange and wonderful bust stops.

French artist Edouard Martinet (previously featured here) has created a new series of astonishing assemblage animals, which will be on exhibit at Sladmore Contemporary in London from November 27th to January 31, 2014. Edouard thoughtfully uses all sorts of scrap materials to create these marvelous animals and assembles them without soldering or welding the parts together.

Each time we look at one of his incredibly intricate pieces, it’s as though we’re seeing his work for the very first time. Christopher Jobson of Colossal put it perfectly:

"When looking at these perfectly assembled sculptures by French artist Edouard Martinet (previously) it’s difficult to believe the raw materials he used ever existed in another form. Yet every head, thorax, leg, wing, and eye from these assorted creatures was once part of a car, bicycle, typewriter, or other found object. Reading through his material lists it becomes clear how completely thorough and judicious Martinet is in selecting the perfect objects to realize his vision, truly a master of his craft.”

Visit Edouard Martinet’s website to view more of his awesome scrap metal creatures.

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Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich takes dazzling photos of Siamese fighting fish, also known as betta fish, and goldfish. His intensely detailed portraits bely the aggressive temperament of the bettas and instead highlight their beautiful bodies and graceful movement.

Head over to Visarute’s 500px gallery to view more of his awesome underwater portraits.

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