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French graphic design duo Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of Zim & Zou (previously featured here) recently created this awesome papercraft window installation for the Hermès store on Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona, Spain. Entitled The Fox’s Den, every object in the room is made of paper, with the exception of the handsome fox, who’s made of leather.

"This Carte Blanche tells the story of a fox who moved into the window with all his personal objects, showing a bit of his life and personality. The leather fox is living in a human interior composed with furnitures all made of paper, giving a surrealistic aspect to the scene. Each piece of the window display was made by hand."

Photos by Nacho Vaquero

Visit the Zim & Zou website to check out many more of this talented team’s stunning cut paper creations.

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These awesome needle-felted life-size woodland creatures (and a mob of desert-dwelling meerkats) are made by Bristol, England-based artist Amy Grimsby. Amy uses local wool to make her lifelike needle-felted sculptures. Many of them also feature internal wire armatures. So they aren’t just wonderfully cute, they’re also fully posable.

Visit Amy’s Crafty Grimsby Etsy shop for additional photos.

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While some artists are hard at work perfecting depictions of hyperrealism and photorealism, Austin, Texas-based artist Shawn Smith uses composite wood, ink and paint to painstakingly create an awesome series of modular sculptures that appear pixelated. Smith calls his animals and objects Re-Things.

"My work investigates the slippery intersection between the digital world and reality. Specifically, I am interested in how we experience nature through technology. When we see images of nature on TV or on a computer screen, we feel that we are seeing nature but we are really only seeing patterns of pixelated light."

Instead of using real animals as subjects, Smith bases his pixelated creations on digital images found online, creating three-dimensional representations of two-dimensional images.

"I build my "Re-things" pixel by pixel to understand how each pixel plays a crucial role in the identity of an object. Through the process of pixelation, color is distilled, some bits of information are lost, and the form is abstracted. Making the intangible tangible, I view my building process as an experiment in alchemy, using man-made composite and recycled materials to represent natural forms."

Click here to view more of Shawn Smith’s fascinating Re-Things.

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Eben Cavanagh Rautenbach, artistically known as LeRoc, is a South African born artist living in Scotland who practices the art of pyrography or pyrogravure. The term means “writing with fire”the artform consists of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object. In LeRoc’s case, that heated object is a soldering iron, which he uses on pieces of wood to create detailed and impressively lifelike illustrations.

"I started out with a lighter and a nail held firmly in place with a pair of pliers! My aunt later gave me an old soldering iron and that was me hooked. I have no formal education and my style is definately influenced by a mixture of my graffiti background and surroundings."

Visit LeRoc’s website to view more examples of his beautiful pyrographic artwork.

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A few weeks ago we shared an awesome music video for a song called “The Fox”, created by Norwegian entertainer duo Ylvis. The song ponders what sort of sound foxes make in a spectacularly silly fashion.

Today’s theme is a perfect opportunity to share what foxes really do say. Watch this video once and you’ll not only find out, you’ll also never be able to forget it. That’s because it turns out that foxes make a noise that sounds like a bird of prey trying really hard to bark.

This video was created and shared by Ki Steiner. The fox lives near their house and seems to have made friends with their dog Kirby. The dog and fox chase each other around the yard, stare each other down, and sometimes the fox serenades the entire neighbourhood with its strange and very loud cry. 

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Our creepy Horse Head Mask has just been spotted in one of the most awesomely awesome music videos we’ve ever seen. The song is simply called “The Fox” and it’s the work of a pair of Norwegian entertainers named Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker, otherwise known as Ylvis.

No matter where you’re from, we all grow up learning about the noises made by various animals. “The Fox” begins as a basic, but chic lesson in animal sounds and then turns into something indescribably strange and wonderful. We don’t want to spoil the surprise. Just watch for yourself.

Ylvis have their very own talk show on TVNorge and this remarkable music video was created as part of a promotional campaign for their upcoming season premiere. If this is how Ylvis introduces a new season, we can’t wait to see what the actual show is like.

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This awesomely cute scene comes straight from the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship. An abandoned fox kit named Rosie has bonded with Maddy the dog. Maddy has taken taken on the role of surrogate mum to the 15-week-old fox. The pair live in the Berwyn mountains near Corwen in North Wales in the home of a kind human named Richard Bowler.
[via Telegraph.co.uk]

This awesomely cute scene comes straight from the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship. An abandoned fox kit named Rosie has bonded with Maddy the dog. Maddy has taken taken on the role of surrogate mum to the 15-week-old fox. The pair live in the Berwyn mountains near Corwen in North Wales in the home of a kind human named Richard Bowler.

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José Suris IV is a Brooklyn-based artist and “a 3D illustrator who loves cats.” José creates awesome sculptures and masks using paper, styrofoam, wireform, and paperclay. His creations are beautiful, playful, and incredibly detailed. We wish we could go out into the woods to play with them too.

"Through layers of paper and shades of color, Suris produces extremely detailed shapes with incredible texture that gives each form a lifelike presence. The wide range of final products includes some pieces that are fully sculpted creatures, others that are simple masks, and still others that are bodiless heads which Suris mounts and hangs on display just like a taxidermist might. For Suris, it seems that anything and everything sparks the creative process, including internet videos, cartoons, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pokémon's Eevee, friends' plays, and stories that the artist hears in everyday life.”

Visit José Suris’ website to view more of his wonderful artwork.

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These awesome and incredibly detrailed animal sculptures are the work of Canadian artist Ellen Jewett. They feel like creatures who’ve managed to wander out of people’s dreams and into this world.

To Ellen, sculpting has always been about life; biological narratives, emotions, movement, balance and observations about life’s subtleties and overtures. Her aesthetic ranges from the hyper-real, to the surreal,fantastic, and the grotesque. Ellen’s creative process is truly her own, she enjoys making and engineering original material combinations to suit her needs.

Ellen’s beautiful sculptures are available for purchase through her Etsy shop, including custom order pieces.

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Yago Partal, a graphic artist based in Barcelona, has created an awesome photo series entitled Zoo Portraitsdepicting a wide variety of animals who all share two things in common: they like dressing up in stylish clothing and posing for fashion portraits.

There are lots of different animals in the series and you can purchase prints of the photos via Yago’s online shop. We love each and every one of them.

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