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If you’ve seen the awesome stop-motion film Coraline (based on an awesome novel by the same name written by the awesome Neil Gaiman) then you have already seen Althea Crome’s remarkable handiwork. Althea is the artist responsible for handmaking all of Coraline’s wonderful sweaters and gloves. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Althea uses incredibly fine needles to knit garments on a 1:12 scale, what she refers to as the “bug-knit” scale. This brief but enchanting video shows Althea at work while she describes her fascination with creating items for a miniature world.

"…by adding the challenge of creating an object for a physical world that is so small as to be almost beyond our grasp, is to add a new thrill to an already beloved art form. 

In 2000, my fascination with this tiny scale merged with my love of knitting, and since then I have been pushing toward ever new technical and design challenges. Tough as it is to knit on such a small scale, the “bug-knit” scale has allowed me the freedom to create and experiment with designs which, on a larger scale, would be cumbersome and prohibitive. My success in developing commercial patterns and techniques for 1:12 scale gloves, socks and other garments has only inspired me to venture further into what I’ve come to think of as “extreme knitting.” Indeed, from the time I began my vocation as an extreme knitter, I have made very few full-scale garments.”

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