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More wonderfully whimsical street art by French artist OaKoAK (previously featured here), who likes to play with existing elements of the urban landscape, often making surprisingly small alterations or enhancements to achieve striking results, enabling us to see the world through his eyes.

"Using simple means and materials, OakOak undermines his neighborhood with playful results. He uses a minimal amount of actual original artwork, instead re-purposing signs, facades, cement blocks, chipping paint, and more.  OakOak transforms a neighborhood’s imperfections into its own adornments. "

He says of his interventions:

“The less I intervene on the wall or the road, the better, especially if I can totally change the sense of the urban environment.” 

[via Beautiful Decay]

This Airedale terrier’s coat has been groomed and decorated to resemble not just one, but a whole assortment of characters from The Muppets, including Kermit, Gonzo, Animal, and Miss Piggy. Photographer Ren Netherland has travelled across the US to conventions that showcase creative dog grooming.

We aren’t sure which part is most unsettling: the fact that Gonzo’s nose is the dog’s tail or that Miss Piggy is missing her distinctive snout altogether. As dog grooming goes, this is a pretty awesome spectacle.

[via Telegraph.co.uk]