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Multidisciplinary Belgian artist Olivier Senny, who goes by the name Olsen, created an awesome series of pieces that are part painting, part sculpture.

Entitled Les Evadés du Plakadre, this mischievous series depicts cartoonish characters who’ve manage to at least partially escape from the confines of their 2D canvases and interact with our 3D world.

Visit Olsen’s website to check out more of his playful artwork.

[via Neatorama]

Every autumn in Japan, following the annual rice harvest, lots of rice straw is left behind to be hung and dried. While that straw is traditionally used to thatch roofs, some people team up to use it and the same thatching technique to construct awesome straw sculptures over wooden frames.

The subjects vary from giant animals of all sorts, fantastic beasts, vehicles, and even a great big Maneki-neko. Entire straw art festivals have risen up around this activity. The most famous of which take place in Kagawa Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture.

Visit Kotaku for complete photo credits and to view more amazing Japanese straw sculptures.

These awesome sand sculptures are the work of Utrecht, Netherlands-based artist Susanne Ruseler. The sand tableaus she creates are enormous and astonishingly detailed. She travels all over the world creating her beautiful, ephemeral sculptures at festivals, competitions, and private events.

"While studying Biology in college, Susanne Ruseler discovered that her true passion was not in studying living organisms but in creating sculptures from materials such as snow, ice, and sand. After graduating, she started her own sculpture company and has been making fantastic, albeit temporary, art ever since.”

Visit My Modern Metropolis to view more examples of Susanne Ruseler’s intricate sand sculpture scenes.

It’s Donkey Kong vs. M. C. Escher! The AweMeChannel recently shared this new stop-motion video of 3D artist Chris Carlson (previously featured here) methodically creating another awesome anamorphic chalk drawing.

This time Chris drew a mind-bending twist on the classic video game Donkey Kong. The hostile gorilla unleashes one of his dreaded barrels that ends up heading right for him thanks to M. C. Escher’s famous never-ending staircase, an optical illusion known as the Penrose Stairs, aka the impossible staircase.

[via Kotaku]

It’s been at least a month since we last shared some examples of awesome origami, which is just about too long. Vietnamese paper artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường lives and works in Hanoi uses a special Vietnamese handmade paper called Dó to create his impressively dynamic origami pieces.

"Cường tells All Things Paper that he began folding around the age of five or six and although his work has been featured in numerous popular books on origami, he has not yet made it his full-time career.”

Visit Nguyễn Hùng Cường’s Flickr page to view many more examples of his amazing folded paper artwork.

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Montreal-based artist Laurence Vallières uses cut and layered cardboard boxes to create awesome and impressively lifelike animal sculptures, some of which are larger than life. (She makes all sorts of creatures, but we’re partial to her primates.)

Visit Laurence Vallières’ website to view more of her wonderful cardboard creatures.

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Less talk, more awesome cardboard monkeys!