At Archie McPhee headquarters we’re currently having the floors redone with cork. It’s a pretty exciting development for the people who walk on those floors all the time, but the new flooring isn’t actually the most awesome part of this project.

What’s really awesome is that members of the Floor Coverings International crew working on this job have been spotted wearing Horse Head Masks and Magical Unicorn Masks. They’re a skilled and safety-conscious bunch of guys, so we aren’t going to claim that they’ve been wearing the masks the whole time, but they also clearly know how to win our hearts and make themselves stand out from the competition.

You never know where our Creepy Horse Mask is going to pop up next. We’re always working to keep up with the sightings.

Daredevil Russian photographer Vitaliy Raskalov spotted this particularly awesome specimen being worn by an ornamental eagle atop the Kiyevsky railyway station in Moscow.

To get a better sense of where the horse-eagle is on this building: if you look at this photo you’ll see eagles atop the ledge of a tower in the upper righthand corner of the image. Yeah, that’s pretty impressive.

We suspect that Vitaliy (or possibly an equally daring friend) might have played a role in placing the mask on the eagle, but without proof we’re prepared to believe that all of the buildings in Moscow sporting ornamental eagle sculptures are being enhanced with horse masks as a matter of official policy.

Visit Photo Vide and Vitaliy’s blog to check out more of his heartstopping photography, including the rest of this series shot inside and around the Kiyevsky station.

Click here to get your very own Horse Head Mask and if you spot any of our masks while you’re out and about, please let us know.

We love Horse Head Masks and Unicorn Masks, even when they’re purely digital. 

Konami, the Japanese developer and producer of numerous popular video game series such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, and Castlevania, just released this awesome trio of horse-themed masks that can be worn by your avatar in PlayStation Home, the PS3’s virtual world. They’re only 99 cents each and can be found in the Home Alter Ego store.

Let your Secret Unicorn shine through!

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