This awesome device is a fully-functional Typewriter Arm Guard with Bluetooth and Touchpad created by Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios. The keyboard is mounted on an intricately tooled Steampunkish leather and brass arm guard.

Watch a video demonstration here. Then head over to Etsy to view more images and, if you’ve got $1200 to spare, perhaps even order one for yourself.

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What if real birds could tweet on Twitter? Voldemars Dudums, Latvian conceptual artist and creative director, decided to find out bu creating an awesomely clever bird feeder using an old keyboard and irresistible cube of delicious bacon fat.

"When the birds would fly down to snack their inadvertent key presses were fed to an api that parsed each little tap into a bonafide tweet on the @hungry_birds Twitter account (fyi, these particular feathered friends became political during the U.S. elections, so there’s that). The birds, mostly tomtits, would tweet roughly 100 times each day and could even be watched live over on Birds on Twitter.”

Click here to watch a video about the Birds on Twitter project.

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Using resin, recycled keyboard keys and cables, Nuremberg, Germany-based artist Babis Cloud (aka Babis Panagiotidis), created this awesome rocking horse sculpture, entitled Hedonism(y) Trojaner. The piece appears to be representative of the myriad hazards of excessive reliance on the internet, but it’s also just pretty magnificent to behold.

"Recreated of hundreds of buttons, the essences of communication, Babis’s sculpture is pointing out an unpleasant truth. The internet itself, not only its viruses deserves the term ‘Trojan’. We are looking for information via internet, we share it and pass some on, voluntary or involuntary. We define ourselves by Facebook profiles, find our jobs online, buy teddy bears or google side effects of viagra. The internet as a medium, humans stuck with their hedonism.”

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Animals from six different species were given six different synthesizers in this wonderful video by Håkan Lidbo. The video is a promo for the Volt electronic music festival in Sweden, which opened on June 9th.

Three different species of monkeys, plus lemurs, meerkats, and sloths. The sloths get a keytar! And the baboons are so into their particular synth, that one of them eventually tries to eat it. It’s so much awesomeness in one short video, we can hardly stand it. 

Less talk, more musical monkeys!

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Here’s a classic geeky April Fool’s Day prank for the the sort of mischief-maker who’s willing to put in some time and effort to prepare before the big day: How To Grow Grass in Someone’s Keyboard. You’ll find video instructions at the link.

Top photo by juicystyle, lower three photos by Johannes Hjorth

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